Saturday, June 26, 2010

Has it really been that long?

It has!!! Wow the time is flying by and June is almost over. Just a quick update as I'm about to meet Yoga Zen Babe to go have tea and shop. LOVE these afternoons. Tonight I'm meeting up with Mz. Kitty and her crew, they just moved here from Utah and I'm SO excited. They wanted BBQ so we're taking them to Rudy's.

Had a 20 mile ride this morning followed by a 20 min run. Hilly route and I found out that I'm very allergic to coconut. Kind of sucks. I can eat it toasted but one swallow of the coconut water made my throat start to swell up. NOT good when it was my "nutrition" for the ride. I had put my carb powder in it so I just had plain water in the other bottle. Ugh, no bueno. My throat is still swollen, but I can breathe easier now.

Pups are good, Syd had another vet visit. She's scratching the heck out of where her hair is growing back in on her belly, leaving her with all sorts of sores and scabs. $200 later and antibiotics we're doing good.

Well, time to get going! Tomorrow is another 20 mile ride and then a 4 mile run, although I'm doing the run in the am and riding the 20 'recovery' miles with Mid West Girl. I'll try to update with more details next time! Peace everyone!!!

OH, and a very special shout out to my T3 teammates who are AMAZING and doing the CDA triathlon tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!!


T said...

yikes!!! Had a similar reaction to Canteloupe a few years back... now my family knows if they want my life insurance money more than my cheery presence they've just gotta sneak melon juice into my food - scary!

schmitball13 said...

Not good on the beverages! HAVE to take them to the original Salt Lick for real BBQ!

Kathy said...

We need to go out again!!!! It's time for Mexican right? Or more BBQ?? Mz Kitty :) I like the name!

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

Oh no....are you allergic to coconut?