Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I need to get my sh*t together

3 1/2 weeks until my next event. Last week I only got 7.5 hrs of training in, I was supposed to be in the 10hr range. You may not THINK that it's a big difference, but really it is.

See, I keep doing these silly participating in this event called 'The Tour of Tens' which I had NO intention of doing!! This was a non-sanctioned/sponsored event put on by the Austin Hill Country Trail Runners (and I do have to say that the event itself was awesome, well thought out and fun in a Ireallyliketobetortured kind of way.) Anywho, the idea was to go to 5 of the hardest hills in Austin and do 10 repeats on each. When I saw it posted by one of my T3 teammates I thought 'Trainer would LOVE this' so I forwarded it to him and told him I would be the support vehicle. Little did I know that I would get sucked in.

I did two repeats (up and down the hill) at this really long hill called Jester (hmmm...yes, the hill was quite entertaining) and then ten at this other hill called Wilke. Now, Jester is 0.8 miles up/down and Wilke is only 0.38 miles up/down. However, Wilke is a steep mofo and this was my first time EVER doing hill repeats. Probably not the smartest thing to do while you're training for triathlons. I mean, yes...hill repeats are a good part of training, just not 12 when you've never completed 1 before in your life.

Sunday - Tapped out man. Couldn't even walk, there are knots in my FEET. IN.MY.FEET. Should have walked it out, foam rolled the calves (that were screaming wtf were you thinking?), and should have done so many things that I didn't do.

Monday - Uh, it hurt to walk to the bathroom in the morning, not a good sign for the day ahead. Did manage to take the pups out, although they were schooled in heeling once again.

Tuesday - Legs better, feet...not so much.

Today - Well, walked the pups. This afternoon I will swim and tonight after work I will run, possibly bike.

Trainer? Yes, he did two of the longest hills and ended up with 16 miles of hill repeats. He looked fabulous on the first hill and not too shabby on the second hill. However on the way to Wilke he cramped up and I had to pull over and shove salt tabs and nutrition down his throat. Thrilling. Really. But he was running on Monday, rode yesterday and probably got a run in. I swear if I didn't love him so much I would really hate him.

Side note - Went and saw my dietitian on Monday, we're going to tweak things, take ALL the salt out of my diet. I'm retaining on average about 5lbs of water and I drink about a gallon a day. SO, out with the sodium. Do you realize how much stuff has sodium in it? It's insane. No more lunch meat for me. I'll give more details about the meeting later. This is already a long post. :)

Peace to you kids out there!


etg said...

10 Wilke repeats for your first meeting with Wilke?! I'm impressed! I think that's the number we do at our "peak" of IM training :)

Marta said...

Holy $%&*! My legs hurt just reading this.

Dude, I'm sorry you are behind on your training. But you will do well, I KNOW IT! If you're supposed to be in the 10 hr. range now, what do the next 3 weeks hold in store for you? I shudder to thinnk!

Keep it up, gal. You ROCK!