Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's not going to kill me...so it better make me stronger!

I never intended this blog to be a whiny account of my life and ailments...but lately, really...WTH?

Saturday May 22nd - As we know I didn't do the Real Ale Ride, which by the end of the day was probably a good thing. I had my massage, good timing as my lower back and side were starting to feel really achy. I believed it was because of the adjustment. I figured that maybe the pain just transferred or that maybe it opened up some movement. Anyway, the massage felt great. Then I had dinner with an old HS friend and his family. We went to my favorite pizza place but I could hardly finish a slice. When I arrived home a few hours later I couldn't stand up anymore, the pain was bad...really bad. I was on my bed in tears and I couldn't breathe very well. I just figured it was a bad muscle spasm or something. Trainer helped me into a chair and we put heat on it and the pain subsided a bit. I slept with the heating pad.

Sunday - Woke up with the same pain in my side. No running. I cooked most of the afternoon for the week. Every now and then I would sit down and put heat on it, but sitting started to hurt as well.

Monday - No core workout. Woke up with pain, went to work, balanced myself on my left side all day b/c my right lower side/abdomen/back hurt. It was a constant dull pulsing in my side, hard to pin point and felt deep. I talked to a guy at work and he scared the bejezus out of me and convinced me that I needed to get the ER and have it looked at. I called my chiro to check and see if it was possibly related to the adjustment, it wasn't. But I had an appt with him Tuesday morning and he would check it out then. So, I waited.

Tuesday - Woke up once again with pain. It starts out dull in the am and then by the end of the day and especially when I ate the pain was super intense. Went to Chiro appt and he felt around in there and he hit a spot and I almost cried...again. He was convinced that it was my gallbladder and suggested that I go see my primary asap. Which was my next stop since I had to get my blood tested anyway. When I arrived there the nurse asked me how I was and I told her about my pain and I asked if I should make an appt. She told me to hang out and the Dr would be in shortly. The Dr came in and started asking questions, told me to lay back and he was poking and prodding my organs and when he hit my appendix it hurt so he was convinced that I had appendicitis. They scheduled me for a CT scan and told me not to eat, just in case I needed surgery. (He was prepping me just in case - WTF!)

Went to the CT appt, they asked if I had already drank the barium, which I hadn't since my Dr said it would be a CT without contrast. I was told that it wasn't up to my Dr and the radiologist wanted the barium AND iodine. Yippee. Not. Barium is disgusting, my happened to be banana flavored and I had to down about 22-24oz of it. I wanted to puke, however my better sense told me that if I did I would just have to drink more. You have to wait 90 min before you can do the scan so I went home and laid down. Went back, had the scan and my organs are clean! However I am still having the pain at this point...not a good thing.

Wednesday - The last thing to come in was my blood work, which showed both above and below normal white blood counts and an assortment of other inconclusive stuff. With the localized pain, type of pain and the fact that it hurt any time I ate and/or drank anything my Dr diagnosed me with an ulcer. He put me on Prilosec and took me off the aspirin.

Thursday - Nothing significant, except the fact that my Father in-law and his wife came to visit...not so good for the ulcer.

Friday - Dr Appt: I have two weeks to lose all of the symptoms, if not I get a GI scope, and THAT is something that I do not care to experience. We're (as in the Dr and his colleagues) looking into other kinds of platelet therapy.

Saturday - Nada. Although the pain has lessened. I've discovered one dietary change - no spicy food. It hurts ON the meds, can't imagine what it would be like without the meds.

Sunday - Ran 2 miles, some of the ugliest miles I've ever run. I almost puked on the way back. Awesome. The best part of Sunday? After we dropped the in-laws off we went to the Saucer (where I drank a heavy beer, less carbonation) and then back home to play Kissopoly....heheh...good times.

Monday - Not much, read a book. No exercise.

Today - Well, not too much. Worked, Dr, worked out, grocery shopped, came home and cooked and now I'm typing this. Which is super long...my apologies. Just had to get it all out.

I just updated my training log with my zero workouts for last week (except my 2 mile run) and I'm a little scared...because I have a tri in 6 weeks. Flippin' A.


T said...

no fun!!!

Last time I had a CT scan I found out something interesting... I'm allergic to contrast dye... ugh - didn't matter so much about the headaches, just keeping me breathing was enough of a chore that day :)

Sexy Hippy said...

Uhh, honey, you need to not worry so much about the workouts right now and focus on being pain-free and finding out what's going on with your body. Please go easy on yourself. You're quite important to a lot of us! Love you!!! Keep us posted. OXOX

Marta said...

Damn. That sucks!!!! I think feeling better is the most important thing because your workouts will suffer if you are in pain. I do love how you are hurting, but still play Kissopoly!!! You kids!

BTW, the description of the barium made me gag. GROSS.