Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real Ale Ride: DE-nied

Better sense or maybe the pain upon waking this morning deterred me from going on the ride this morning. At first I tried to bargain with myself 'I'll just do the 30 mile, or maybe just the 15' but when I turned my neck and pain shot through my shoulder down to my hip....let's just say I fed the pups and sat up in bed.

Sometimes doing the right thing really sucks. I'm mad and disappointed that I didn't go, although I know in my mind that it was a good call. Pfffttt...that's what I say. Not sure what I'll do today. Maybe the pool will open and I can get some soothing laps in or something. At least I have the massage and dinner plans to look forward to. :)


Marta said...

That sucks! What happened to you? Hope that massage helps.

T said...

could you PLEASE just try not to beat yourself up anymore... a healing day (or three) is good for you, really :)

justjuliebean said...

You'll hurt yourself more if you push it when you're hurting and know better. Swimming sounds good, if it doesn't hurt your neck, back. Sometimes, even just a walk is good enough, or even a day of rest. A friend said to me a few weeks back that he still does everything he always did (he's 48), but now it takes longer to recover.