Monday, May 10, 2010

Sydney Update

She made it through the surgery and I picked her up this morning to take her to her regular vet for monitoring. She is still on IV fluids and meds, but if she can eat and 'process' today then she can come home tonight. Her incision is about 12-14" long down her belly. That poor dog has been shaved once again. They said she did 'fair' overnight (not sure what kind of scale that is...) and at one point when the doorbell rang (for security I'm sure) she started howling. The vet said, "It was like she was saying 'I'm back here! Come get me!!'" Haha, that's my girl. She does NOT like to be behind bars.

I have slept a total of 2-3 hours off and on through the night. I did a lot of work last night so I'm going to catch some Zzzzs and head to work late.

Oh, and to Juliebean...I would walk through fire for the pups. They had my heart from the first moment I saw them at 5 weeks old. It is an insane amount of do-re-mi, it will put us back months on the debt plan, but I'm just not strong enough to say goodbye. :)


Sexy Hippy said...

Hurray! So glad she's okay! It may put you back debt-wise but it's so worth the money to have your baby home with you, yes?! Love you!

YZB said...

10,0000 hugs for Syd

T said...

just the bit about the howling at the middle of the night doorbell made my stone cold heart a little softer.

schmitball13 said...

Sending you a million gallons of love and hugs. I can only imagine what you went through. Having two babies myself - I get that it is just like losing a child and we know at 6, it is way too early!