Sunday, May 9, 2010

My million dollar dog

My baby girl was rushed to the ER Vet tonight.

I was making dinner and we heard her dry heaving (I know...gross right?) which isn't too bad. She does it every now and then, spits up some water (because she chugs it like a college student at their first kegger) and then all is good. Well, we checked on her and nothing, she was laying down. Breathing hard, but it's been humid out and she's like her mama...does NOT like the humid weather. As we were eating dinner she would come in, lay down, get up, walk around with no purpose and try to lay down. Repeat this over and over again.

Her ears were to the side and her breathing was more labored. She was getting disoriented. We were following her around, trying to sooth her, but then she would walk away like she wanted to be left alone. We called the vet and while T was on the phone she came up to me and put all of her weight on me. Her whole body was shaking and I was trying to calm her breathing down. Her eyes were blood shot and then I noticed that her stomach was distended and growing. My mind went straight to GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus) or bloat with a twisted stomach. The call service gave us the number of the closest animal emergency center and we were on our way. Our dinner was left uneaten on the table.

When we arrived at the ER she wouldn't jump out of the car, she knew she couldn't do this and it freaked me out. I ran inside and said, "I think my dog has bloat and she can't get out of the car." I broke into tears, bah! I hate when that happens. The techs were very sweet and said they would help and as they were about out the door T came in with her on her leash. She christened the floor like she usually does at any vets office...but for once I really didn't give a shit. They took her right back and I had to sit there and wait, trying to hold back the tears.

They called us back and the Doc told us what we thought. GDV. I said, "You mean bloat right?" And he informed me that no, it wasn't bloat. You can have a bloated stomach without it twisting, the twisting is what is serious. The heart is still pumping blood, but it can't get through and there is nothing coming back. He said that there is really no known reason for this to happen, although it usually happens in larger breed dogs and the dogs tend to be older. Syd is not quite 6, too young for this, but she's special...*sigh*

We waited for the blood work and estimate to come through. He estimated 3-4k. Well, there goes another year waiting for my bike. (This is what T told me...trying to break the tense mood I suppose.) We had to pay the 3k+ before we left and if there is a balance I pay it tomorrow am when I pick her up. She was cleared for surgery, it will happen tonight, hopefully she's in there now and doing good. I'm staying up and waiting for the call. Then I have to be up early to pick her up by 6:30am so I can transport her to her regular vet. They'll observe her all day and hopefully she can come home tomorrow.

I'm scared. I'm not ready to lose my baby girl.


justjuliebean said...

Wow, that sucks. Your poor doggy! I always wonder if I would shell out the bucks for a pet. Obviously, I've paid a few hundred, but never thousands. It's hard to know until it happens. I hope your girl makes it, and is her happy healthy self! I've never heard of a twisted belly, sounds just awful.

Marta said...

Wow, that is intense. Poor baby. I hope it's true that dogs have no memory, because that sounds just awful. Sorry about it lady. My friend just went through something similar with her cat. It wiped out her savings, but her baby is still alive and kickin'!

Sexy Hippy said...

Oh Bec! I'm so sorry! This must be hard on you. I've been having terrible dreams that I'm going to lose my Lloyd and it's absolutely horrifying! Keep your chin up. I'm sure she'll pull through this. You know your Syd and you know when something's not right. I'm sure you caught whatever it was soon enough. You're never financially ready for these things but with all the joy and unconditional love our fur babies give us, it's worth every last penny!! Love you and thinking of you today! OXOX

The Sports Mama said...

Ya know.... it's almost better that I'm reading this so stinkin' late. I KNOW she's okay now!

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, though. It's something we worry about with Kenai, because he does the heaving thing every so often, too. Ugh.