Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to our regular programming...

Well, Syd is home and sleepy (we're keeping her a little drugged so she'll rest) and doing well. We have to feed her 8x a day for 2 days then we'll start to transition her to kibble. She's so sweet, I keep getting puppy kisses, probably because she thinks I rescued her from the vet. I'll take it!

In training first race is coming up on Sunday. Holy crap. I was supposed to run Sunday, yeah...well we know that didn't happen! Monday I was too exhausted (mentally/physically) and yesterday I chose to go pick up Sydney instead of exercise. Choices... Today I ran my 3 miles at lunch. BOY is it muggy out. I forget (daily) what a pita it is to run in the hot and humid weather. This would be my 'taper' week, but much do you taper for a mini-sprint?

The race is 300m swim (should take less than 10min), 11 mile bike (should take about 40 min) and a 2 mile run (should take 22 min.) With transitions that would put me at 1:20 or so...that will be the goal anyway. You never know what can happen on race day.

I've already started on my new schedule for my next event, July 11th is the date. It is an 800m swim, I think 14mile bike and 3.1mile run. And it's a tough course (IMO), but I'm excited because it was my first tri EVER last year and I can see if I've improved.

I leave you with this picture of Gunthar looking over Sydney while she sleeps...Love these guys.

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