Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last update on Sydney

She's coming home today!!! I get to pick her up in a bit and then she'll be home. I'm so happy.

I didn't sleep like I wanted to yesterday, I was probably over tired. Plus I spent the day waiting for the vet to call so she could come home. However, when I finally did hear from her she told me that Syd wasn't eating and they still had her on IV fluids and drugs. That meant another transfer from the regular vet to the emergency vet for overnight monitoring.

Here's a pic of her in the puppy ambulance (notice her colorful wrap that is holding in the IV catheter:

We picked her up at the emergency vet this morning (again at 6:30am) and took her back to her regular vet. She was in much better spirits and was just trying to get us to take her home. Much more like herself. I just got the call from her regular vet and she said that she is very alert and watching what is going on. AND she's interested in food again, which Sydney is ALWAYS interested in food. We'll have her on a special diet for the rest of this week and then transition her back to her regular kibble.

I know it was a lot of money....a lot...like we could have bought 1/2 the siding for our house or a used car kind of money. But, when I look at those baby blue eyes I know we did the only thing that we could have and saved our baby's life.


Marta said...

You did the right thing! She's your family! :)

T said...

she looks so relieved to see you!

Sexy Hippy said...

Remember when you got to take her home expecting only to take Gunthar home with you?! What a precious gift! She is such a sweetheart. I love her little smile even though she's got all that stuff attached to her. Oh, how I want to snuggle in her chest and give her kisses. What would life be like without dogs?! I don't ever want to know.