Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Beer:30

Ok,'s really only 4:20p, but beer time is getting close. Tonight I'm going to HH with the T3 crowd, this will be my first one with them. Trainer is training Brassy and then she's coming over to give him a massage so I'm flying solo. Eh, hopefully my mingling skills haven't completely lost me.

It was SUCH a nice day in the office, quiet, steady...nice.

OH, I had my lunch with Sprinter! She put all of my data into her handy little system and the results were the same...not eating enough. This is the theory as to why I'm so tired. So this week I have been doing what I was told, eating more and eating earlier. My dinners are late, but have no starch or very little if I need it. I'm not sure of what it's going to do with the Coumadin, but I'll check that out in a couple of weeks. Here's a sample of my day:

Breakfast - 400-450 cals (depending on workouts)
Oatmeal with peanut butter or vanilla yogurt (I put these IN the oatmeal)
Piece of fruit
2 eggs + 1 cup of veggies + starch (beans or grain) and a piece of toast (with PB if I don't have the starch

Snack - 200 cals
Fruit + cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese

Lunch - 450-500 cals (biggest meal of the day)
Leftovers WITH the starch (pasta, beans, rice etc) with salad
Turkey sandwich with salad or fruit

Snack - 200 cals
Veggies + hummus + turkey

Dinner - 400 cals
1/2 plate made up of salad 1/4 lean protein and if I need it 1/8 starch and if not 1/4 veggie

Snack - IF needed
1oz dark chocolate

I haven't needed the snack after dinner and for me it's better if I don't even start on the chocolate. It's a "none is better than one" item for me. So far I've had more energy in the mornings this way...even though I still haven't made it to the 5:45am swim. Now that I have my food down AND a cool new suit I'll be trying it next week. 30 min to go people...30 min. And no, I haven't figured out how the beer fits in yet, but I will...oh...I will.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new suit!!!

Today was a pretty cool day. Well, I mean work was 'eh, work' but the rest of the day was good. Tomorrow I get the office to myself as Officemate has her Friday 'work from home' day. Last week a girl from T3 told the group about a website that was selling swim suits for $25. Now if you've actually gone shopping for 'swimming' swim suits (not the 'I really want to look cute at the beach' swim suits) you'll find that the lamest Speedo's run about $50-$60. I've been needing a new suit (maybe this will motivate me to get IN the pool) so this was good timing.

What do you think? And I'm telling you that I've made HUGE strides with my self-esteem to be even posting these pictures. Yay me!

As you can see I'm a little chubs , but we're working on it! It is one size smaller than my last practice suit. Oh, and the reason that it is so cheap is that you don't get to pick it...just the size and they send you whatever. They didn't have my size in the Speedo so I picked a Nike suit. I'll have to re-establish my tan lines as this suit is a little lower in the back (you can see more of my tat!!) and the straps are thinner. And no...I am not TRYING to get a tan, I wear sun screen, a lot it. The fact that I am half Mexican just makes it easier to get and keep I haven't been in the pool in a few months where the sun was shining.

And here is a favorite picture of mine....he's so darn sweet...

In other news today:
I am not eating enough. That's right. Not enough. That is why I am staying the same weight as I move it and shake it along the tri-course. So, I've altered what I'm eating and when I'm eating. Out with the candy though. It's just not good for me and does nothing as far as fuel for my body. Now...the occasional scone with YZB I will not give up. That's more than fuel, it's food for my soul. :) Peace out peeps! Time to make din-din!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh Mr Sun how I love thee

It was sunny today, and warm! (bonus!) It's amazing what a difference it made in my overall attitude.

The weather has really been challenging my will to train. I still haven't put on a swim suit, it's been over 2 weeks. Just thinking about putting on my suit in the 30 degree weather keeps me in bed. I did just 'okay' with my training this week. I went to spin once, strength trained once, ran twice but did manage to ride outside both yesterday (in crappy weather) and again today (in AWESOME weather!) swimming.

Trainer and I went out for a beer yesterday, it's been a while since we'd been out. You remember...all of this financial planning stuff cutting into all sorts of fun stuff that we used to do! (But it will ALL be worth it in the end, when we're debt free.) We had yummy food and strong beer, then went home to drink more beer, stayed up way too late talking about life and had some fun between the sheets before we both passed out. Good stuff.

Not much else to report. I had a lot to say, but it's all escaped me for the time. I hate it when that happens. Later gators.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day post

Okay, I hate Valentine's day, always have, always will. It's such a corporate holiday that guilts people into spending money on crap to show their love for someone. I'd rather show it all year and be shown in surprising ways. I know...I know, a ton of people love it, and it IS fun for kids. But whatever, I hate it. So...Happy Crappy Day peeps!

This morning I went downtown at 5:30am to support Trainer on his run. He ran a 1/2 marathon this morning and I have to say he kicked some ass. I LOVE supporting him at his races, especially if they are designed well and I can see him ON the course in several places instead of just the start and finish line. Really, that is when the runner needs you the least. There are a ton of people there cheering, where they really need you is half way through and towards the end, when it seems like the race is going to go forever and the hills feel like they are getting longer and steeper as you climb. This is where I station myself. Mile 6-7 and mile 12 towards the top of the hill. I shout things like, "Great job! Keep it up! Looking strong" at the midway point and, "Pick it UP Trainer!! Stay strong! Finish STRONG! Go, Go, GO!!!" And it seems to benefit him in some way. It's fun for me to be in that atmosphere and I get this great swell of pride when I see him running strong, determined face, muscles are working and seeing that running is just as natural to him as breathing.

The funny thing is, if it's a race for him I don't mind the cold or getting up early. I love being the support team. I love feeling like I'm an integral part of his run (in my head anyway!) I just look at him running and love him, for everything he is and the happiness just about bursts out of my body. Now, for my own races I loathe getting up in the morning, the tediousness of getting everything ready, the nerves...ugh. But his them!

My January and February have been filled with inconsistent training. MWG asked me how it was going...and I told the truth...crappy. It's been so cold here (for Texas people) that I haven't wanted to get in the pool. I know it's heated, but it's still outside and there is still a five minute window when I have to be unclothed and COLD AS HELL before I get into said warm water. And cycling with the team has gone to pot as well, I meant it when I said I wouldn't ride unless it was 45 out. Or I'd even go if it was 40! Yesterday? 37 by 9am. Didn't go. I rode by myself at 4:30p, when it was 50. I got a flat tire on my way out so I only did 13 miles (I had planned for 30), but was doubly happy that I didn't ride in the morning b/c if I would have gotten a flat while it was in the 30s I would have died. Okay, maybe not died, but changing a tire sucks as it is...adding the cold to it and cold/slow fingers?? And running is sucking b/c it's hurting.

My motivation and confidence are in the crapper. I have no schedule to follow b/c I haven't signed up for (read: committed to) a race yet. Ugh. Crap. Is anyone selling motivation and confidence these days? If so, please email me...I'll buy a case.

Oh, and side note (b/c I promised Sexy Hippy) the best thing for pre-race jitters at night...when you're having trouble falling getting laid. I had the honors of de-stressing Trainer last night. It.was.awesome.