Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm a Frickin Rock Star

Okay, I'm totally tooting my own horn, but I HAVE to...I can't contain myself. I RODE MY BIKE TO WORK today!! I just think I'm so cool right now, with my bike in my cube. I know, I know...I'm totally lame to some people, but screw them. And yes, if this blog seems a bit hyper, it is...probably has something to do with the Grande black coffee that I chugged before I left my house. I couldn't bear to leave the coffee, or god forbid...toss it out...and it wouldn't fit in the bottle holders.

Why in the heck am I riding to work today? Well, I decided that someone in our household has to start cutting expenses with the new endeavor happening soon. (That would be Trainer going into business for himself.) I thought that if I rode my bike to work 2x a week I could potentially save about $75 a month in fuel. That is $900 a year saved. Which to some people isn't a lot, but that will make a difference to us. PLUS, I'll be getting into shape and helping the environment. The coolest part is that my maiden ride just happened to fall on EARTH DAY! What are YOU doing for the earth today?

Okay, short little blog for the morning, I may be back to give you a little more. Until then...recycle something.


The Sports Mama said...


Its a damn good thing I love you, you know that? You're makin' me look bad. :)

But...GO YOU!! I'm proud of you for making the effort that someone needs to make there.

You know those developing leg muscles can be used for "gentle" correction, right? >:)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

YAY Earth! YAY You!! I carpooled. Not as cool as riding to work but still...