Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's the Sunday Edition

There are so many things that I want to Blog about, not all today of course, I don't have that much time. I think of topics all of the time. For example, when I'm on mile 15 of my bike ride and I turn around to a head wind I think "There is no test of the wills like Mother Nature" or I find out two more of my friends are pregnant making three this year I think "BabyPalooza 2008 is officially here!" I have other more serious ideas too, such as "How does a woman keep her identity after a child?" or "Expectations - why god why?" Just floating around in my head...daily. I see things and want to write about them...then of course when I sit down I forget. Haha! If you ever have something on your mind that you would like me to blog about send me your suggestions, I'll do my best and try to get your ideas/point/stories out there.

Legs was out this weekend, a very impromptu trip with her husband to see some of his college friends. Well, let me re-phrase, they are his very good friends that he MET in college. They stayed with his best buddy....hmmm...I need a name for him because he may pop up more than once. We'll call him the Connector. I know, I come up with the weirdest crap. It's a good name for him because that is what he does. He connects people with people, and is a great mediator. In fact that is what is going to make him successful in his new job. Sorry, task. I tend to do that, tangents, I love them. See...there I go again. ANYWAY Legs was up and a group of us went to dinner on Friday night. Then on Saturday I picked her up and we did cool girl stuff. Like eat breakfast with yummy coffee and then went and got pedicures. The greatest thing about my friends, and Legs in particular, is that we can sit together, read magazines and have no need to talk. It's refreshing, it's calming, it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong...y'all know I LOVE to talk and I'm a chatty girl, but sometimes the silence that is only broken by a turning page is awesome and needed. This is where my topic of "A woman's identity" came up. I'm not going to blog about it today, but expect to see it soon. I just have to organize some of my own thoughts on that one.

Saturday day Trainer and I went and had lunch on South Congress. I love SoCo, it's so hip and cool. Some days I feel cool just by being down there and some times I feel old, I try and focus on the cool part. We ate at a very mediocre restaurant and then had some fantastic coffee at Jo's. On the way home we ran errands and then Trainer went and ran in the 80 degree (feels like 90) heat and I got ready for the evening. We went to a seafood fest at Minnesota's house. She is awesome and is high up in the non-profit world in Austin. We were introduced to some really interesting people that we may (or may not) see again. All about our age and a couple in our situation. That would be the DINK situation. Double income no kids...just in case you hadn't heard of that. About half way through my second beer Home Girl and Home Boy walk in! Very cool since we LUV them. They are so fun to hang out with. So, I ask Home Girl if she wants a drink and she says yes so we go in the house because she like Vodka drinks and the booze in inside. I say "So, what'll it be?" and she says - pause for effect - "Um, something non-alcoholic." (EFFIN 'A' ) "You're pregnant." And then I jumped up and down and hugged her because I'm SO happy for them. Of course, like all of you OTHER people, it wasn't supposed to quite happen yet, but oh did.

For the rest of the evening I was giving Home Boy a hard time about being a sissy drinker and of course what do men do when that happens? They drink MORE...hahaha....I'm hoping that Home Boy is hurting today. I know Trainer is. They had a keg...unlimited access to beer that you don't have to open...that spells trouble. The funny thing is that every time I saw Trainer that night he would say, "I can't believe that Home Girl is pregnant." Over and over...and what was the first thing that tumbled out of his mouth (besides - I drank too much)? That's right "Dude, I can't believe that Home Girl is knocked up!" My take on it is that we have a DD for about 3 months. The first three months, no way - she's tired and sick and being flooded with hormones. The second three months, we'll be ALL over that noise! (Sorry Home Girl - kind of) And the last three months, again, no way - she'll be getting uncomfortable and really jealous that she can't join in the festivities....and then she'll start to get miserable and want the kid OUT. Yeah, so there is this three month sweet spot and I fully intend to take advantage of my friend. :) And I have to laugh because this is the couple that would call and say, 'Hey, we need some non-kid people time.' HAHAHAHA!

After they left Minnesota turned on her karaoke game. OMG - there is this microphone device that you put chips in and hook it up to the TV and it has hundreds of songs available. I had had a couple of beers so I was game. PLUS, most people out there don't know that I actually can sing. I haven't done karaoke since I left AZ. Well, we were all taking turns - Me, Minnesota and this little 9 year old bratty kid. Okay, okay, I don't know if she's really truly bratty, but WHY was she there at MIDNIGHT taking up turns??? Sorry, mini-rant. Anyway, Minnesota started us off with some ABBA, very cool. I did a Bangles song and had the highest score (yes, this game ACTUALLY scores you) and then the little girl went. She tied my score...I had to sing another one....I sang the Rose and got a 98! WOOHOO! No one can beat that right?? The little girl sang fricken Twinkle, Twinkle Little Effin A! And WHAT score does she get???? A fricken 99!!! NO EFFING WAY! I was pissed....because a sucky little, bratty, shouldn't even be up 9 year old beat me. I ALMOST, repeat almost, sang Twinkle, Twinkle myself to see if I could beat her. Do you people SEE why I could never have children? I was able to walk away without embarrassing myself. Lucky for me Trainer was ready to go home.

Trainer drank too much, again keg, te-kil-ya shot, and the knowledge that the one person he really likes in Austin is going to be a father..yeah he's a hurtin today. I got up, made my pot o'coffee, grabbed the laptop, returned to bed, turned on ESPN, and got comfortable so I could write my blog. I love that Sexy Hippy reads my blog with her coffee on Sundays, so I have to make sure she has something to read that is less depressing than the paper and slightly more entertaining than the comics....maybe....I hope.


Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Oooh, I had a cameo in today's blog and I didn't even get to enjoy it this morning with my coffee! Damn it!!! Oh well. I actually got to sleep in this morning which never happens so it's a good thing. I'm sorry your DINKs are shrinking in number. I remember when we were DINKS and it kind of sucked to hang with our friends with kids so I totally understand your frustration - you are completely entitled (mean it).

You should have totally rocked "Twinkle, Twinkle" and showed that little 9-yr old bi*ch what's what! Ha, ha!!!

The Sports Mama said...

So um.... does it make me a totally horrible mom to be that competitive with my kids? Trust me... I am wayyyy more pleased than I should be that I'm the only one who can sing in my family!

And? God help me if I ever become one of those parents who think their children should get to be a part of an adult party. Hell, we even chase the teenager to a different room. (Although really? That might be what he wants anyway. Apparently I'm quite embarrassing to him. Who knew?)

(*and a side note here... your word verification is killing me! I'm on my THIRD try now, and keep getting the stupid word wrong!)

soul mate said...

Let me just say that those games don't know how to score REAL singers! For example, my sister, we'll call her Black Sheep, and I were playing Sing Star (I think it's called) one night, and we both sang the woo-hoo song, you know, "Well my heart knows me better than I know myself, so I'm gonna let it do all the talkin' - woo hoo..." anyway, Black Sheep totally beat me and the woman can't sing well AT ALL! So, the scoring doesn't mean sh**. You can tell 9-year-old that next time you find yourself partying with her at the wee hours. ;-)

On another note, I sometimes miss being a DINK. We somehow very quickly became SIMKS. Lord, help me!