Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Sound of Music...

Okay, so not really like the movie...but I wanted to write a post about "a few of my favorite things" and then I started humming the song in my get the idea.

So, I was driving back from my 4 mile walk/run with the Democrat and I was thinking about all of my friends. My Diva Girls have a gig today and I'm sad, but happy. Happy for them, sad for me...yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself so deal with it. That's what brought on some of these memories today. There are SO many moments that make me just smile and I thought I'd share a few with you all. These are just snippets of course, I could go ON and ON and the ones reading about themselves would be delighted, but I'm afraid some of the readers might get a bit bored. I can't please everyone, but I always try!

Hoe - Now, she's not one of the Divas, but I have had a lot of kick ass times with her. Good, bad, ugly...funny. One of my favorite memories is during the summer of 1993. I had stayed in AZ for summer session and I attended the first. For the second I skipped out of AZ without my parents knowledge and flew to Upstate NY to join Hoe for some summer fun. We were staying with her Grandma W. We had use of her car and one night we decided to sneak out of the house and go to a party that this guy Bumbler was having. Well, we obviously didn't have permission so we had to roll the car out of the driveway...which was right next to Grandma's window. We managed to do it! We really pushed the car out of the driveway without Grandma waking up. We went to the party, laughing the whole way because we got away with it. This was also the night of "pinkie guy" who if you use your'll figure out what the "pinkie" means. Ahhh, I know, I'm leaving a lot out...but Hoe will get it.

The Director - One of the Divas and one of the people that truly understand my scary as that is. ;) Anyway, one of my favorite memories with her is during Soul Mate's bachelorette party down in Mexico. There were some people who had to fly back early and we drove, so the Director and I drove them up to San Diego from Mexico and then back down to rejoin the party. After we dropped the people off at the airport we drove around San Diego with all the windows down and the sun roof open, our hair whipping in the wind, sunglasses on and the Dixie Chicks blasting in the background. We stopped at this hotel called The Del something or other, and got some coffee and drank it on the beach in silence. Just us, the sun and the waves crashing on to the beach. It was magical.

Tiny Dancer - Another that knows my emotional being. One of my favorite memories with her is when we were both living up in the NW, I was in Portland and she was in Seattle. She was part of a dance troupe called F3 (f cubed) and I went up to see her dance. I think it was the first time I met her now husband too. Of course her mom was there and I was tasked with keeping her out of Dancer's hair. ;) I'm good with the moms. Anyway, just watching her perform brings out something SO deeply emotional in me...and I don't even think she knows how she affects people, especially me.

Soul Mate - Oh, I have SO many memories with her. But one of my all time favorites and one of our firsts is driving from Phoenix to Boulder, our first road trip with our college a'cappella group. I ate Smart Corn the whole way and got sick since I'm allergic and we stayed up all night talking about our families, our hopes...our dreams. She told me at that time that all she ever wanted was to be a mother. At the time I was like, "huh, okay" but now that she's arrived at that juncture I get it. We found out on that trip that we are truly soul mates.

The Executive - Hahaha, I laugh when I think of this memory. Some of you were there...we were hanging out at her apartment and her roommate wasn't home. Just being goofy girls, drinking...kind of smoking...and she said, "Helen..." like the lady on the commercial. You know the one...the one that is telling you NOT to smoke? Anyway, it was a really funny, goofy, good time. I's one of those 'had to be there' things, but seriously...I hope she's cracking up right now.

Sexy Hippy - Oh, this first I really didn't like her. I know, I'm horrible. But seriously she was too perfect and sweet...and annoying. She even asked me, "you don't like me do you?" and I said, "nope." Poor thing...I was so mean. Anyway one of my favorite memories of her was when I came back from the NW. There had been a small falling out in the group at the time and I really wasn't a part of it. So I agreed to meet her at Macayo's and we had greasy yummy Mexican food and dished about life. She had dyed her hair a dark reddish brown color and looked stunning of course (bi*ch!), but she was softer and vulnerable. It isn't a funny memory, but it's special to me because it was real. In my world she went from sex kitten to earth goddess.

The Saint - I tell you, with ALL of these girls it's so hard to pick out one memory. This one was far back...we were all hanging out at Sunny's pizza (which really no longer exists) and eating. Soul Mate and I always teased people and the Saint was frequently a target. This particular night Soul Mate wasn't in attendance so I was on my own. The Saint was talking, talking, talking....still talking and I said, "are you STILL talking?" and she went OFF on me. She told me off down to the next level and threw out how Soul Mate and I were always picking on her and she was sick of it. I was so proud of her at that moment. It didn't stop us from picking on her any more, and I let Soul Mate hear about how she left me taking the fall for all of it. The thing was that we really liked her...a lot. We became much closer after that incident. But really, it's always a wonder to see someone snap and stand up for themselves.

Legs - Hahah, oh hell... This favorite memory of ours is the one night that we closed together at Crapplebee's. We decided that we should go back to her place because she had a couple of bottles of wine. Cheap wine. I think we ended up drinking OUT of the bottles...really classy. Anyway, the next day we were supposed to be training some new chick at the store. Well, the manager ended up CALLING us in the morning because we missed the alarm. We awoke to a big red stain on the carpet where someone (uh-hmmm) had thrown up red wine. Legs ended up sitting in the walk in cooler all morning and I kept putting my head in the ice machine every time I came into the least now we buy good wine.

Sportsmama - Previously know as 80s Chick. Haha, we have a lot of memories. She was with me when I got my first speeding ticket. One memory that sticks out with her is driving down the road to a concert in her car and looking down and seeing the ground. Seriously, there was no floor board in her car!

Yoga Babe - Again, so many memories. Of my AZ friends she is one of the newest additions. But she became very important to me very quickly. One of my favorite memories of her is when we were training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco. We trained on hills since we knew San Fran is FULL of hills. The race route said that mile 7 was a killer so we trained HARD. Anyway, there was this really steep hill and YB said, "have you seen Captain America?" I hadn't so I said no. Well, there is a part where the characters start singing and every phrase ends with "F--- Yeah!" So, on the way up the 6am...we were singing, "Yoga Babe and Myself are kick ass runners - F--- Yeah!" then we kept making up different phrases...I know, I had to be there. But if was a Effin good time I tell you.

Oh, so many memories...and there are more...some funny, some touching, some sad. And I know this post is a weird one because I think as a whole it's confusing, but for the individual you'll understand. My friends are so important to me and I miss them. I miss singing with them, I miss running with them, I just miss being with them. I feel like I'm missing out on so much while I'm here in Austin, but it is what I needed to do for myself. I may not be with you right now, but I see plenty of memories in our future. I love you all!!!


the saint said...

Oh man, flashbacks galore in this post. Memories I was there for, and those I heard about later, and some I've never heard before.

But one thing is certain though- you are VERY loved and such a fundamental part of all of your friends' lives. I hope you know that. And I hope you know we all missed you SO MUCH on Saturday night! It's not the same without you. Oh, and no sightings of the chocolate fountain fan- just FYI. ;-)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Of all the funny situations we've experienced, and you have to get all serious on ME!!! Whatever. :)

Just kidding. Greasy mexican food will ALWAYS bring out the softer side in me (mainly the soft middle section).

While we are sharing, one of my favorite memories is when we were in Puerto Vallarta and I didn't come home one night (spent it with a quite-girthy-yet-slimy non-mexican who lived and probably sold drugs in Mexico). When I saw you that morning, your look could have knocked me over. You were SO MAD. It was as if my own mother had taken over your body. Creepy! It was then that I learned that you actually DID like me (cuz, otherwise why would you care that I didn't come home, right?!) It was really endearing that you had worried about me and I learned a valuable lesson that trip about how to treat my friends.


Rockin Austin said...

You know Sexy Hippy, I ALMOST chose that story too...the one where you looked like Barbie in your pink bikini??? HAHAHA!

The Sports Mama said...

Ok, first? How cool that I get to be included in your memory list with all these women who are so important to you? You truly have no idea of the level of jealousy over the years... So to be included? Yeah, its a good thing.

Next? You rolled right through that stop sign, baby! You and I both know it!

And? Be nice to the memory of Bessie (RIP). She might have been a Flintstones remnant, but she was reliable! :)