Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The LONG weekend....and a LONG blog

Even long weekends don't seem long enough do they? So, let's see...I suppose we'll start with Friday. The day after 'hell' day. We had to go to lunch with our auditors. It was supposed to be a "fun" lunch, but come on...we went with our auditors. How much fun can you have?? After our long lunch no one felt like working. I needed to get the CFO report done, but at 4:30 Plain came back and said that I could go and finish it next week. No need to tell me twice! So I left and drove to Costco to get beer and wine for our evening with another couple. I don't even know what to name them....hmmmm....Brassy would be good for her...and he'll be called New Orleans.

Trainer and this couple worked together at his gym, they're both massage therapists and I guess just recently "hooked up" with no other commitment besides making each other "happy." They are crazy....crazy....crazy. These two can put down booze like it's water. We went to this chain restaurant for dinner (I hate chain restaurants) and then decided to go cheap and made our way back to the house to drink there. Great for Trainer and I, we could get messed up and not have to worry about driving!! Brassy and I took our drinks and went outside to chill on the patio, it was gorgeous outside. Trainer and N.O. decided to chat and drink inside. Us girls were dishing on things that girls dish about...boys, relationships and our partners parents and we glanced inside to where the boys were standing and I swear that the entire counter was filled with empty beer bottles. I looked at Brassy and said, "Holy crap, I hope I got enough beer!" We went in and they were just tanked. Trainer was grouchy and declared that he was going to bed. It was almost 3am after all...I had no idea. Huh. They put down 30 long necks and each had three pints at the restaurant. Bet Trainer was feeling good for his shift the next morning. :)

Saturday was a nice, wasted day for me. I got up and made breakfast for us and sent Trainer off to work. We were having our new kitchen table delivered, thank you economic stimulus check! We have had the same table since we moved to Oregon back in 1996. I bought it at the store that I worked at, a furniture rental place. After the furniture has gone out enough times or is damaged they sell it in the back room. I bought that table and four chairs for less than a hundred dollars. It was a good table, but it was time to move on and up. We bought the table last week so I was really excited to see it all set up. The delivery time was from 12-3pm so I had time to kill. I watched my dvr'd Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty and decided to mop the kitchen while there was no table there.

Trainer got home earlier than expected and we watched some more tv while waiting. The delivery people showed up at 12:30, not bad! We watched dvr'd episodes of House while they put it all together. I have to say that it looks pretty good! We ordered pizza in and watched the House finale, after we ate at our BRAND NEW COOL TABLE! Yeehaw! After that we decided to go get coffee and look at wall art to replace my framed college poster that was a gift from my first college boyfriend. Yes, time to let go....hahahahaha. We found a fabulous painting that goes with the table, the floor and when we paint that room is going to POP! A low key night was in the making, we went home after finding out that Indiana Jones wasn't playing in the next hour and rented I am Legend. I heard it was scary so I wasn't looking forward to it. It was okay though, I didn't freak too much. We went to bed early since we were both wiped out from staying up way too late the night before. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz......ahhhh, nice.

Sunday I got up at 7:30am, ate a piece of toast and then ran 4 miles with The Democrat. After I got home at about 9:30am I made pancakes and then read the Sunday Ads. I don't really read the paper, well, sometimes I do...but not often. But I LOVE the ads. I love to see all the sales and pretend that I have money to buy things...which I don't...but it's nice to pretend. I look at the styles that they put the models in, seeing if I can wear my clothes like that, but usually it's a no-go. They're tall and thin and well...I'm not.

Around 10:15 Trainer asks me if I'm planning on riding. Ugh, I was hoping he would forget. Don't get me wrong, as I've said before I love cycling, but some days I just want to be lazy...but wait...that was Saturday. Damn it. I say yes, and we start the process of getting ready to bike. You have to pump up the tires, get dressed (which takes times - sun screen, getting your hair ready for the helmet...etc.), get the water and snacks ready, get your ID and medical card out of the wallet into the back of your shirt, get everything together...and then you can go. It takes about 20 minutes. So we get on the bikes and start out on our usual loop. Down the dangerous 60 mph road with a wide shoulder. It's blazing hot out, 98 degrees and hotter if you're riding on the pavement next to nice hot vehicles.

The ride outbound was great, I was thinking that I was getting stronger, I didn't feel too much wind and I was averaging almost 19mph, on my own...which is pretty good! Then I started to overheat. I was sucking down my water really fast and hoping that my turn around was coming up. Well, I wasn't paying attention and missed my turn around and ended up going an extra 5 miles total. When I turned around I discovered why I had been feeling so strong...I had a fricken tail wind the whole way out. I turned INTO the wind, and not a breeze, the WIND...the flags were flying straight out towards me...and to top it off, no relief from the sun. I was climbing a big hill thinking I was going pretty fast and looked down to see my readout of 9mph on my odometer. Since I missed my turn around I was rewarded with two extra steep hills...beautiful. I kept my mind off the heat and pain by looking at all the nature around me. It really is a beautiful city. I finally made it back to the house, about a half hour after Trainer. 30 miles folks. Next time you're in your car set your trip and see how far 30 miles is. It's a LONG way on a bike.

Next...we were invited over to Sprinter's dad's house for a pool party Memorial Day celebration. That was cool b/c her dad lives close to us and is really nice. His house is kick ass, no joke, it sits on this hill over looking the city and hills of Austin. Beautiful...incredible. Trainer jumps in the pool to play water volleyball and I decide to sun with Sprinter. From her name you can guess that she's a runner, a fast one...and thin, thin, thin. Her brother's stripper girlfriend was there too. Can you imagine laying next to a size 0-2 person AND a stripper? I'm not kidding here, can you IMAGINE? I was feeling less than fit, even though I had just run 4 miles and rode 30...it's amazing what the mind can do. There I was...lying next to the stripper and the tiny person...it's like the start of a bad joke. Three women go into a bar...you get the idea. Anyway, we all had fun, ate and then left after a couple of hours. Trainer and I decided to finally catch Indiana Jones and headed to the theatre...the nice, cool theatre...where I was still feeling uber fat so we ordered a Cherry Coke and a medium popcorn, which in the "old" days would have been an extra large. Lucky for me that was dinner.

Monday Trainer had to go into work for a couple of clients so I watched the rest of my dvr'd shows, I think I watched six episodes of Men in Trees. I don't know why I like that show, but I love it. Trainer hates it. That's why there were so many still in my dvr. Haha. I watched those, did some laundry...which was really just moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer since Trainer had already loaded it and folded what was in the dryer already. Then I decided to look at the budget. Pfft, there's a way to make your day! Ugh, just a reminder that we're broke and about to be really, really broke once Trainer goes to his new facility. It's all worth it though...repeat...it's all worth it...one more time...it's all worth it. Heck eating beans and rice for a year might take care of the weight problem too. It's a two-fer. Really though, it scares the crap out of me, but I can't let Trainer know because then HE starts to freak out and I have to take care of that issue too. Doesn't it just suck when you can't really feel what you're feeling? You can't be sad because you don't want another person to wallow with you, you can't be angry because the other person is so down on themselves it would just make it worse, you can't be scared because the other person would just give up. Ugh, it's tiring. Wow, sorry, tangent. Wait, I'm not apologizing...it's my blog, you can close the window if you can't handle my ranting. :) (Said in the nicest way possible, as to not offend any readers)

We went and had lunch, a cheap lunch...and then got drinks for the big Happy Hour for Trainer's new facility (there will be another post on this facility...too much) that is coming up on Wednesday...crap, that's tomorrow. Finally we went home and hung out with the pups for the rest of the evening. We rented two more movies through the cable company (have you done that? It's way cool) and watched those. Michael Clayton (highly recommend) and Juno (this too). I ended up watching Juno alone, even though Trainer would have liked it...grrr...just because it's about a knocked up girl doesn't make it a chick flick!!! Again, I regress...that's another blog. The evening ended with me drinking the rest of the wine from Friday night, watching more senseless tv and going to bed relatively early. Not a bad LONG weekend.

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The Sports Mama said...

Annnd... I'm back! (Ok... not really, since technically I've never left... and really, at 2 in the morning when the stupid online class tells me I've completed the stupid course TOO DAMN FAST and won't let me take the test....oops, tangent there... )


I can absolutely sympathize with the whole can't-let-them-know-I'm-freaking-out-about-the-REAL-state-of-the-finances thing.... Ya know, sometimes, I really want to get the chance to be the negative one, and the one who doesn't have a clue. Is that too much to ask? :)