Saturday, October 11, 2008

A couple of my favorite things....

Okay, so this is semi-against my "rules" since I like to keep this blog anonymous, but here are some pics from our Oregon trip:

The beautiful campus at Oregon State University.

Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR.

Newport Beach, OR. The Oregon coastline is something to behold.
Me, after a lot of Rogue...and I think I'm funny. (See...hour glass)
This is the view from the back yard of my in-laws. In the winter when the trees lose their leaves you can see the Willamette river. (Oregon City, OR)
Me with Mr. Kitty (Kitty is really his name...) on the back porch. The cat is a serious touch whore, we're kindred spirits...

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fattygetsfit said...

great pics!
totally worth breaking your rule