Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Phantom 3 pounds and other Sunday rambling

WTF man?? Okay, so yesterday I woke up, my fingers felt like sausages...I weighed myself. I was at 161.8...WHAT??? Yes, I was up 3 pounds. So I was like, whatever, put on my workout clothes and went to Trainer's boot camp that I'm participating in with Yoga Zen Babe. After the hour of torture YZB and I went to The Steeping Room, a cool little tea house and had our after workout tea (coffee for me) and scones...with Texas cream. Yummm....

After that I went home, changed again, this time in to my running clothes and met The Democrat for a nice four mile run. Of course my legs were all tight from the class and my heart rate was zooming because I had just drank some strong ass coffee, so the "nice" four mile run But, I did it. And actually as much as I made us walk we still finished in our fastest time yet.

After this I went to work to get some reports done for the Monday morning Sales meeting, yep, I went to work all nasty and sweaty. Hey, it was on my way home. And really...who's there to see/smell me?? Actually Superman was, but I kept my distance out of respect for his nose. I was there for a couple of hours and then headed home. Took a much needed shower and weighed myself again. I was down to 158.8. HA! HA! I love water retention.

Ahhh...Sundays. This morning we were up early, well early for two people that have no kids and dogs that will sleep as long as we do. Trainer ran a 10k and I took the pups so we could cheer him on. The puppies LOVE going out in public, they love all the attention that they get...touch whores, that is what they are. 'PLEASE pet me' their eyes plead...and people do. They love the pups, most asking what they are. I mean...look at this face:

Could you possibly resist her? And she's SO soft...fluffy coat. They look like little bears. And they're super sweet. People only hesitate because of their black faces, but once they realize how friendly they are the pups get exactly what they want. Love, love, love.

Anyway, we walked around while Trainer ran the race, I think I got about three miles of walking in, not bad for my day off. I may go ride today, but I'm still feeling the boot camp in the booty. We shall see. When we got home we were going to go out for pancakes, drove to the restaurant and the line outside was ridiculous. Looked like at least an hour wait so I told Trainer to drive to the store, I picked up some gourmet pancake mix and eggs and I made breakfast at home. We were done eating before we would have been seated. AND I only spent $6.00 on breakfast...less actually since there is more than one serving in the package. I'm good... :)

This is my favorite part of Sunday. After breakfast I sit here with my coffee, laptop keeping me warm and Sunday NFL Countdown on the TV. I'm sitting in the recliner (thank god for wireless) and Trainer is laying on the couch, resting.

Oooh, you have to check out his blog this week. It's actually pretty good. Trainer's Blog I guess I'm doing a pretty crappy job with keeping this semi-anonymous huh? HAHA! Please leave a comment if you could. He needs feedback, good or bad...just to know that someone is reading. This is me 'doing my part' for the business. :)

Now it's time to watch some good football and peruse through the cookbooks to make my menu for the week. I still think I need to do a weekly sharing of menus or at least key recipes. For those of you who think you have no time to the time you get home, decide where to go for 'fast food', go there and order, get your food and drive back home you could have had a healthy meal at home and had the dinner mess cleaned up. Trust me, I used to be the Queen of "where should we go tonight" because I was too tired to cook. Now I'm enjoying cooking and knowing that I'm in control of what goes in my mouth. Here was my Friday dilemma:

I went to happy hour, had one glass of wine and went home to make dinner. It was 6:30pm, Trainer was getting a massage from Brassy. I was going to make steak and red potatoes, but I didn't have potatoes, or stuffing, rice takes an hour...didn't have that long. What did I have?

1 Tenderloin steak (Costco...great price, great meat) sliced

1 Red pepper sliced

1 Green Pepper sliced

1/2 an onion, sliced

1 packet Italian dressing mix

2tsp olive oil

1 can of Black beans

Take your sliced tenderloin, put it in a small bowl and coat it with the Italian dressing mix seasoning. Set aside in fridge until you're ready to cook it. Over medium high heat, heat oil and saute your veggies. Open can of black beans, drain, rinse and dump into a small pot. Cook over med-low heat. Lower heat once you see it's cooking. Move your sauteed veggies to a dish and use the same pan for your meat. (I do this with chicken too, yummers) Cook until it's done to your liking (chicken cook all the way through...duh right?) Throw veggies back in with the meat, toss and then transfer to serving dish. Transfer beans to serving dish. This night I had corn tortillas so I heated those up on the stove (we have gas burners). I served it with reduced fat sour cream, reduced fat cheese and salsa. Dinner was on the table by 7, or whenever he was done with his massage. Trainer used the corn tortillas and I just layered my stuff on the plate. Easy breezy.

So tell me...yeah or nah on the recipe deal? I'll do it once a week if you like it, if not I'll just dump it. :)


Slick said...

10k?? Whoa....

I usually do a 0.0002k on weekends.

That dog is beautiful!

You can do recipes...just warning ya though, recipes are directions and I'm allergic to 10k's and directions!

fattygetsfit said...

holy crap active weekend! you did more exercise in 1 day than i do all week!!!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

What happened to the dirty Friday posts? I need some sleaze, damnit!