Saturday, October 11, 2008

What happened to the week???

Something has happened and I don't think I like it...I'm a weekend blogger...for shame. The weeks are escaping me, the job is all consuming right now. I work my tail off and then I'm too tired when I get home. Heck, Trainer is lucky that I'm still making dinner!

I've been trying to think of things to blog about, ideas are also escaping me... Let's try this approach:

Work - Well, now that I'm in my new position I'm finding that I'm irritated with Plain, the asshole CFO for those of you who forgot. Every day that goes by and he says, "Good morning" or "How are you?" I find myself saying, "Morning" and "Fine" with no emotion in my voice. I reflect on my tone and behavior and realize that I'm being semi-immature. On the other hand I feel like he doesn't deserve any emotion. He cast me aside. The one that was supposed to protect my position, since I was doing HIS work. The team isn't having to pick up any slack b/c I wasn't doing a task related work. Nothing that "so and so" had to have on a certain day. We'll see what happens at the end of the month where my job really came into play.

I'm getting more exercise at work, I have to walk back and forth from my desk to the warehouse several times a day. I'm getting to know the other side of the operation and interacting with a different set of people. AND I'm busy all day long. Which is why my blog has been neglected. It was a rough week, but it ended up okay. I deal with sales people. Enough said. Okay, maybe not...sales people have to be the sneakiest, most persistent people in the world. Great for making a sale, but a real pain in my ass when they're on my ass all day. Everything is NOW, NOW, NOW with them. "They HAVE to have it by tomorrow!" Right...everyone HAS to have it by tomorrow. Give me a break. One sales guy was being an ass and after he calmed down and I helped him with his issue I said, "I like Starbucks and a really good red wine." Hint, hint you bastards.

Home - Home life is pretty good right now. We just struggling with the business side of things, trying to get new clients in the door...hard trying to sell something that requires discretionary spending...something that most of us don't have right now. I think I'm trough my transition with the new job, emotionally speaking. I have a job, I'm grateful, I have a lot more than most people these days. When you can still afford cable, you're doing pretty good in my book.

We do have a goal for this month, which is to only go out to dinner once. It's going to be our reward. And really to tell you the truth I'd rather eat my food than some greasy chain food, it's just the time that gets me. After working 8-10 hours I'm exhausted and really don't want to spend another hour plus in the kitchen. I've been keeping up with my menu and adding a new dish every week. I think I need to post some of these recipes, they are fabulous. And most are super easy...and BONUS...they are super healthy. Our one dinner out this month is going to be a special treat - SUSHI! I 'puffy heart with glitter' sushi. Trainer's aunt and uncle sent me a check for my b-day, it was late and they missed last year too so it was double! That is what we're using to pay for our dinner...BONUS - FREE SUSHI night out!

Hmmm...what else... Oh yes, we had Brassy and N.O. Boy over this week. Love them!! It's so nice to have another couple to hang with, especially 'cause they're easy to be around. All four of us get along. Brassy made her famous margaritas...OMG...she bragged about them and after drinking them, she definitely has bragging rights. Holy crap man...they are the dangerous ones, they tasted like juice and you don't realize that they're strong until you're slurring after two of them. We stayed up way too late and I missed my run the next morning. No big, it was worth it. I made my green chile enchiladas and they turned out pretty good too. I attempted to make my mom's Spanish rice, but it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I always do something wrong, not sure what it is! I called my dad in a panic b/c I wanted to make the rice, but I always forget how. He couldn't remember either so he called my mom at work...HAHA! Yes, I'm a daddy's girl and he'll do whatever it takes to make me happy if he can. Yay for me!

Well, that was my week. Nothing too crazy. Right now we're watching the Red River Rivalry and I'm still in my workout clothes. I love weekends.

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Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Yay for Daddy's girls, margaritas, green chili enchiladas (why haven't I tasted these before, huh?) and the suggestion of gifts from needy co-workers. My insatiable craving for your blog has finally been satisfied - I've only checked in about 10 times this morning. I need a hobby, apparently.