Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I decided to do a cleanse...

The Lemonade cleanse or "The Master Cleanse" which should have scared me. You're supposed to do this cleanse for 10 days. Yeah right, I can't even get through one day of not eating sugar for goodness sake! My goal is 3 days and I'll be super happy if I make it through today. It's already looking iffy. I'm not doing it to lose the 10-15 pounds before the cruise, but to get all the crap (literally) out of my system so I can start my clean eating this weekend. No beer this weekend.

7am - Wake up time, was supposed to go to the gym at 5:30am, but stuff happens and Midwest Girl and I will go tonight. I feed the pups, drink my 16oz of Sea Salt water (gross) and then drink my first glass of the cleanse. It's actually pretty tasty. Like lemonade with a kick! I actually did my 'business' this morning! WOOHOO!

I head to work, things are shitty as usual. Officemate is grouchy for one reason or another...mood swings, it's crazy. My sales people are all on crack, my boss is just giving crap away...but, what should I expect for a Tuesday?

10am - Next glass of the cleanse. Still not bad, but put a little too much Cayenne pepper in it...ouch, that's going to hurt tomorrow I'm sure.

11:57am - Officemate is eating lunch, a peanut butter sandwich. I can smell it. The people in manufacturing are heating up their lunches...aww man! I guess almost time for the next helping. Apparently I'm supposed to drink 8 glasses of this today.

Okay, off to lunch. I'm going to go home and watch my dvr'd tv shows to take my mind off of food. Or maybe I'll sit outside and read. Maybe I should shop to distract myself??? I'll be back.

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The Sports Mama said...

Aww, honey.... you know it's rough when peanut butter smells appetizing...

Hang in there!