Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The long 'short' week

It's Tuesday of a short week, which really makes it Monday...and we all know how short weeks turn into really long weeks. Plus, OfficeMate is out all week. She's on vacation, which she needed, just staying home. I can't seem to find that relaxing...just staying at home. The computer is there which means I'll be on it, which means I'll check my work email or play games...and then I feel like I'm wasting time, but not motivated to do much else?? I mean, if I'm going to waste time I'd like to waste it on a beach, snorkeling, reading or sleeping.

This was a great weekend though...Friday we went to the Hideout, even though we said we wouldn't. Then headed to the other bar that has my favorite beer on tap. I drank too much. Shocker - I know. However, when I woke up Saturday I felt really ill and couldn't remember the drive home...now, that hasn't happened to me since my 20s and it was a little unnerving to tell you the truth. And, in the big scheme of things I did drink a lot, but not enough to make me blackout. No more wheat beer for me, I'm convinced that it is evil. No drinking on Saturday, and we managed to eat at home ALL day! Lot's of hard rain that day so we sat at home with our freshly groomed pups and watched tv. No drinking involved.

Sunday was an AWESOME day. I woke up feeling MUCH, MUCH better and made us breakfast. Pancakes, yum! Watched 'The Sports Reporters' and then Sports Center after that and we got ready to go on a ride. There are days when you just feel strong and Sunday was this day for me. I was kicking ASS on the way out 16mph average and then on the way back...18mph!! So my average for the 25 mile ride was 17.4. I felt like I could have gone at least another 20 miles. Well, got back, changed and went out for a 2.6 mile run and did that in 27 min. Which I have to say is pretty impressive since that route usually takes me 29 minutes and that is first thing in the morning. To run it in 27 min AFTER riding 25 miles...well...again, I must say I felt pretty good about it. I think I've been ho-humming along, not really "training", just existing and exercising. Well...Sunday completed my first week of triathlon training.

I'm signing up for the Austin Triathlon on September 7th. There, now it's out there. I said it. The training schedule that Mid West Girl gave to me is for an Olympic tri. I'm still on the fence on which event I'll enter, either the Sprint or Olympic. The question is...can I do the swim? The other two parts are no problem. Add three more miles to my run on Sunday and I'm there. Just the swim. I bought a kick board this weekend and I'm really going to try to push myself. This blog will probably get a little boring with training talk over the next three months, however, if you've read this blog for any amount of time you know there is BOUND to be a funny story or two intertwined.

Sorry...up on my cloud...back down. We did go out Saturday evening, another place with great beer! I didn't drink very much, and no wheat beer, stuck with the dark heavy stuff...Porter...yum. Trainer got tanked, we traded...it was fun. We went home and played a game of Kissopoly which was semi-entertaining and then Trainer passed out...at 2am. Yawn. I had to get up at 7 for...

MONDAY! This was MWG's triathlon. She did the Capitol of Texas Tri, a HUGE event and she kicked booty! Her friend flew in from MD to watch and snap pictures. We were all over the course trying to give her encouraging shouts, I think it worked, she was smiling when she rounded the corner to the finish line. Such an inspiration. I'm hoping that I can get a group of girls together and we can call ourselves Tri Divas...or something like that! The only bad part about Monday was that I didn't think about wearing sunscreen and now I'm a little crispy. I got a little sick yesterday, chills, fever...touch of sun poisoning perhaps, it's happened before. A little irritated with myself since I know better. I should always carry it...but I didn't. So, in the next week I'll be flaking...ewww...

And then we're back to today... Got up and walked the pups this morning, today is a swim day. My schedule says that I'll be doing approx 800m in drills. Wish me luck!


The Sports Mama said...

First, how awesome that we both seem to worship the same diety.... The Sports God. And how convenient that he's always available, 24/7, huh? :)

(Oooh... better move. That lightening is bound to get me one of these days. Damn.)

And YAY for all that *ugh* exercise that you've been doing! You're training is awesome! And I know you'll do fan-freaking-tastic on the swim!

schmitball13 said...

We will be ROCK Stars at the Austin Tri! Once I have a little downtime - I will be back and ready to rock the next few months with you in the pool, on the bike path and on the run!

totegirl said...

DAMN. You RAWK! Amazing! I could completely gush forever. I can't wait until I can ride for that long. And it's on my list to take up running again. Thanks for the inspiration!

I know how you feel about wheat beers. I'm that way with IPAs. I love them so much, but they don't love me!