Thursday, May 28, 2009

So close!

It's ALMOST Friday, last long day to go. And I just can't wait until it's over...yawn. I'm not used to working 12 hour days any more. My body hates it. This is my break, writing my little blog. Today I did get to take a lunch though, I forced myself to go swimming at lunch. Not that I didn't want to swim, just that with out Officemate here I hate leaving the phones and email unattended.

So far this week all I have done is swim, today, at lunch. Monday was a rest day. Tuesday was supposed to be a run day, but my running partner backed out at the last minute and by the time I got ready I could only take the pups for a walk. I intended to go to the gym at lunch and run, but that didn't work out. Then yesterday (Wednesday) the same thing happened. All the intentions were there - bag packed, motivated...but couldn't get away. Both nights I was home just after 8pm, made dinner and went to sleep.

Funny that sitting in a chair for 12-13 hours is more tiring than exerting myself physically. Hmm... Anyway, the swimming went well. All in all I swam 850m in drills. I was able to do 100m without "stopping" (that is holding the side and gasping for air) which I was pretty happy with. Last week I could only do 25m. I'm giving it a couple of more weeks to see how much my endurance improves to see if the Olympic is a possibility. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

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