Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday week

You know, it's just not as exciting this year. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my birthday, but this year it's just not...what word am I looking for...special? It has nothing to do with the age, 36 to me is just 36, just like 35 was last year. Maybe because I'm training for something that (in my mind) is spectacular? Maybe THAT is what I'm looking forward to?? Which would be funny because I realize how hard and painful the day will be...despite my hours and hours of training.

Hmmm, just can't put my finger on it. Trainer asked me when I wanted my birthday dinner and I asked, "What pizza? We can just get frozen on Friday." and he said, "I was thinking Tomo and Amy's" and I said, "Yum, now that sounds good. Friday or Saturday would be good" and he came back with, "Your choice!" Tomo is my hands down FAVORITE sushi place in Austin and Amy's Ice Cream is to die it. And now I haven't responded back. Should I go Friday or Saturday? Huh. Friday I have to swim 2000m in open water some place and Saturday I have to do some other ridiculous run/ride combo I'm sure. Anyway...see how "eh" I am about my favorite day of the year?

I had a great swim practice today, everything was clicking and I even the coach noticed! He was impressed by my improvement over the past week (I only see him on Wednesdays) and how little he had to correct me. It was awesome. AND even after he said something it was still clicking!

No weight loss to date, but I'm getting toned. Weight loss wasn't a big goal this time anyway, I just want to finish the race. OH, I can't believe I forgot...I received my wetsuit. I think I look like...well, not great. However, Yoga Zen Babe said I look like a super hero. If that super hero can swim a mile in under an hour I'll take it!!! I'll let you decide.


The Sports Mama said...

Definite super hero!! And that last picture? I don't know if you were playing with it and created those effects, of if you just got lucky... but it gives the impression you're moving so fast that everything around you is a blur. I LOVE IT!!

(Oh... and in the spirit of my doing all things early --STILL-- this week... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)

fattygetsfit said...

superhero pic looks awesome!
happy birthday.
sushi & ice cream sounds like a good idea,