Monday, August 17, 2009

Mindless Monday

That is how I feel today...mindless...or that I've left my mind in bed. I'm exhausted and have no idea why. My body is needing about 9 hrs of sleep these days, solid sleep at that. It's crazy, I've never been a big sleeper, it's very difficult for me to even nap!

Maybe the training is catching up with me? Maybe my blood meds are off? Something is up. Trainer thinks it's my meds because any time they are off I sleep like the dead, cannot wake up. Ugh.

I joined a triathlon training group called T3. Maybe I'll have some fun stories about random people soon. No fun stories of my own yet. I still loathe swimming. I can't wait for the day when I can get in the pool and feel comfortable, unlike now where I get in the pool and struggle for the first 200 meters. It sucks. How the hell am I going to swim 1500 meters straight? Fuuuhhhhh....

I did discover something this weekend, well...not really this weekend, but a realization about myself. I am a finish line junkie. I was discussing this with Yoga Zen Babe over tea on Saturday (LOVE HER!) She has a friend in Phoenix who she calls a birth junkie, the woman LOVES giving birth (apparently if done correctly and natural you get a semi-high while giving birth - odd.) I have no conception of comparisons to this...but then I started thinking (thick smoke here people)...

Maybe I'm a finish line junkie. (Not that finishing a race and childbirth are even in the same league.) I love finishing things, most of all races. I could be struggling and cursing everything under the sun while I'm going up a steep climb on foot or on a bike. My lungs can be burning, muscles aching, mind just numb...but, when I see that finish line I get this boost. Suddenly my legs are able to turn over faster, I am able to smile at the photographer on the ground, I sprint towards the line an WAH-LAH!!! SUCCESS. I even manage to take "decent" post-race photos.

Are you a junkie of some kind? An applause junkie? An attention junkie? A knitting junkie? I'd be curious to see what people get "high" on.

Well, I'm at work, but I figured 'why not blog?' so I did. Now it's time to psyche myself up for swim practice. NOT a swimming junkie, I don't think I would be...even with a finish line.


totegirl said...

That's kind of an awesome thing to be a junkie for! I am a sun junkie and a water junkie, which is why I'll probably end up looking like a raisin soon! I may be a stress junkie, too, which is not that hype!

I'm sad that swimming is not rocking your world, but damn, I am proud of you for the biking and running!

The Sports Mama said...

Well... we both know what a little attention whore I am, right? :)