Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's been a while

So,'s been a while since I last blogged. And really, there is no good reason, I just didn't feel like it. :) Well, maybe I just wasn't motivated to do it.

Anyway, I had my triathlon on July 12th, one of the most challenging physical feats that I've attempted thus far. Not sure I like it yet....still, but again, waiting for the big tri to decide. That is the Austin Triathlon on Sept. 7th. If you live in Austin I'm going to recruit you to run a short segment of the run with me to get me to the end! Haha, don't think I'm kidding people!! After swimming a mile, biking 25 miles I'll need some help getting through the 6 miles of running.

I really wanted to give a blow by blow of the tri, but now so much time has passed that it doesn't seem that interesting to write about.

On July 20th, I had my annual Dr. Day Out. I take a sick day at work and go through all the poking and prodding for the year. I started at 6:45am for my doppler on my leg and ended with a pap at 4:30pm. Oh, and my smash-o-gram appt was on Tuesday at lunch. This was an emotionally draining two days, which leaked its way into the rest of the week. I don't know what it is... Well, not true, I do know what it is. See last year's post Fear and that is part of it, and the smash-o-gram brings back the memory of when they told me about my mom's breast cancer which is the other part of it. I was a senior in HS, and they told me during 6th hour choir....why did they tell me in school? I have no idea. Probably because they were rushing around from Dr to Dr and I would wonder where everyone was...or something like that. Again, who knows. And...again...although I know in my heart of hearts that I am very healthy the thoughts creep into my head.

And everything came back within normal ranges. So, my heart of hearts is still right. I'm golden, with the exception of my irrational mind. :) Ha.

Today I went out for a ride. I have five weeks of training until the big day. I love my schedule (thank you MWG!!!) and follow it as close as I can. My ride was lovely, and I'm not even kidding. At first I thought it was going to suck. It is SUPER humid out today, and we have a chance of thunderstorms. Trainer went downtown for a run so I was stuck going out on my own...down Parmer, my usual route. BORING. But as I started I felt great and was loving the overcast skies. (Oh Oh...AND I got new lenses for my Oakley's yesterday just for days like today so I was stoked that I got to try them out!) The wind was mild and the humidity felt kind of like being at the beach...sans the sand and ocean.

I realized a couple of things on my ride, things that I KNOW, but have to remind myself every once in a while.

One - not everything is about me. I know...shocker. Really. See, I thought Trainer was going to go out with me this morning and we could ride 360 (much harder route), but he was actually going to run down at Town Lake. So, I was a little miffed, for no good reason b/c he never told me that he was going to go with me.

Two - Trainer and I have very different goals, although they mirror each other in some ways (like the basic - staying fit and healthy), they are not the same. Trainer is trying to achieve a new PR for his 1/2 marathon distance in November, while I am trying to get through this Triathlon in one piece. He needs to focus on his running and I need to focus on juggling three different disciplines.

Three - I don't need to rely on anyone but myself. I like training on my own. It gives me time to think. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like some social runs thrown in there, but for the most part when I have a goal in mind (such as this triathlon) I like to do it MY way. I like to push myself BY myself. I don't do well trying to keep up with others and I don't do well when I feel like I'm being held back. Which is why I haven't wanted to run with the democrat lately. If she were running at the same pace as me right now it would be one thing...but she's not.

These are the things that were going through my mind on my awesome ride today. I even got sprinkled on half way through my ride. I had a smile on my face the entire time, in my new cool lenses, all the way to the end. I hope that I can channel this day on September 7th.


YZB said...

Wait...Trainer ran to Town Lake? Holy crap, how many miles is that? Is he crazy?

The Sports Mama said...

I am so proud of you. One of the hardest things to remember is that your life is not always about you.

Lord knows I struggle with that All. The. Damn. Time.

Beyond that, I am proud of you for continuing to push yourself... in your training, through your doctor appointments, and even through the annual mandatory boob-bruising.

Love ya!

Rockin Austin said...

YZB - No, he ran AT Town Lake, not TO it. :) Hehehe, that would be a long run, although I think he could do it.

SM - I know, I struggle with the concept. :)

totegirl said...

Dang! Great job little lady! I ain't running for you, but if you'll give me the deets, I'll gladly cheer you on and pass you water!


schmitball13 said...

You truly are a Rock Star!!!! You will be running laps around me and definitely will be passing me by on the run!