Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring on those lemons....

...'cause I LOVE me some lemonade!

What? I'm sure that is what you are asking yourself. Well today started a new swim schedule for the group that I've been swimming with. I really didn't want to do more than 1800m today as this is my taper week so I decided to go to the gym and swim by myself. Ugh, the water was cold as I'm used to swimming outside at noon when it is 100 degrees (or close to it) and that helps the water feel refreshing. Not so much. So I started off, my first 200m being sloppy as they always are until I get into a rhythm. I ended up doing my 1800m, which made me feel better as I'm freaking out about the tri.

Anyway, when swimming with the group we use a facility called the Courtyard Tennis Club (fancy schmancy) and they have a nice locker room...complete with hairdryers so I don't have to lug mine around. gym does NOT have hair dryers and there is that I can go without blow drying my hair into a style. It's too short and too dysfunctional. That meant that I had to go home after my swim. Luckily my home, work and gym are all within 5 miles of each other. Trainer had jury duty today and apparently it ended early as the Tahoe was in the driveway. I walk in and it's pretty quiet, the dogs greet me at the door and Trainer is nowhere in sight. I walk a little further in and see that the tv is on, ESPN and Trainer is just waking up on the couch. Nice huh? He didn't even have to get up early this morning (early for him is like 4:30am!)

I said, "So...whatcha up to dude?" (yes, just like that) and he said, *yawn* "Just got up...took a nap." I said, "Must be nice!" and then went about my business of drying my hair before it froze into something that couldn't be undone. After I was finished he came up behind me and was being...frisky. So, I played along (I don't think he expected me to) and got him into bed. ;) FUN! The best part was that I was already late getting back to work and I really didn't care. I'll just work a little later... To top it all off he made me a latte for my drive back to work. Two of my favorite things...ahhh, and all because things didn't go exactly as planned. I love when that happens.


T said...

you know... we actually MADE lemonade today. From scratch! Not because I am a good mom, but because my mother left a bag of lemons here (who buys a whole bag of lemons at CostCO???) and they were about to go bad.

hmmm... that really wasn't so much a comment as a story inspired by your title... see, maybe you don't want me around here making all my comments after all :) (loved the post!)

totegirl said...

F*ck YEAH! That's the kind of story I NEVER get sick of! Glad you trudged through the swimming, and glad you got multiple sweet rewards for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

It's my first day reading your blog....and now I'm just jealous. *sigh* Also, I'm too lazy to create an account today, so I'm leaving my post anonymously. But really, it's just me...Kim :)