Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Blogging Project and other rambling

I still have readers!! And thank you for the comments, love you guys too. :) Yoga Zen Babe sent me this 'blogging project' that one of her friends is doing and she suggested that I give it a try - so here we go: 30 days of blogging, I have the topics in my inbox for each day. I'm not sure if I'll start this today or tomorrow, probably today, but later.

Right now it is o'dark thirty and I'm up eating my oats and drinking my coffee in anticipation to go run 10 miles. Since my body is all jacked up it takes it a while to be able to 'go' in the am, and 'go' I must before a run or the consequences can be dire. As in, 'if I don't find a bathroom RIGHT now we'll all be in trouble' kind of dire. I started running with the group, now that I've found my own little group of turtles. We're not the fastest, but we always finish. It's been great. I'll have to think of nick names.

The girl I'm running with today I'm going to call Little Bit because she is tiny, tiny, tiny and so sweet. I met her out on a random ride one day, her group was coming in and I was riding solo and we chatted the whole way in. Ever since then any time I've seen her she's been super friendly and made me feel really welcome. My tri-group has been great through this Longhorn training and it really has helped finding my little niche of peeps that I can hang with.

Yesterday was a 54 mile bike ride on the Longhorn course, that was okay, less than fun, but not terrible. Another girl and I did a 30 minute brick (running right after you ride, no break, simulates a triathlon - kind of) right afterward and that was hard. It was hot and it's really hard to get your legs going, but that is the point. :) THEN I had to come home, stretch and recover in time for Trainer's first Client Appreciation Happy Hour!! It was a success. I had two beers while at the restaurant and have figured out that exercise and booze - bad choice for me. NO more drinking until this triathlon is over. And it's not a 'healthy' decision, it just makes me feel like crap.

Well, time to suit up for my run, I have my running skirt on, my watch and some random tank top. Now it's time to put on the bullet proof vest (my running bra), socks and my shoes. OH, best part about today's run?? We meet at Barton Springs and after we're done with our run we take off our shoes and sit in the 68 degree water. We go to the free 'hippy side' with all the puppies. Not quite as cold as an ice bath, but pretty close. Definitely something to look forward to! Have a great day and I'll be back later to start my project!

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