Friday, August 27, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Six

20 of My Favorite Things
Not in any particular order:
  1. The smell of rain, especially when the air is crisp
  2. Sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves and soaking up the positive ions
  3. Being told "I love you" for no particular reason
  4. Sleeping in and watching Sports Center in bed, not getting out of bed all day...hehehe
  5. My Kate Spade purse (took me a long time to get one)
  6. Reading books
  7. When I'm feeling down and my puppies come and love on me b/c they just know I need it
  8. Peanut butter
  9. When my dad calls me Pumpkin
  10. Coffee/Espresso
  11. When my buddy Zen Boy (no longer a baby!) yells out my name and jumps into my arms when I go visit him.
  12. Pedicures
  13. Sitting on the porch/balcony of a place near the ocean drinking Coronas at sunset
  14. Cooking and mostly watching people enjoy the food I've cooked
  15. Making people smile or laugh when they're having a hard time
  16. The feeling I get after riding an absurd amount of miles on my bike
  17. Hanging with my girls, any of them at any time, love my friends
  18. Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream by Hagen Daaz
  19. Baths, love them! Wish I had a bigger tub in this house!!!
  20. My BIRTHDAY! (you knew that was coming right?)
Those are just 20 of my favorite things....that wasn't as hard to do because I didn't have to pick just one! What are some of your favorite things?
Ran my 12 miles, the knee is not doing good. It just had to hold out for two more races. I just can't bend it...shouldn't be a problem right? Have a great day everyone!


T said...

Happy Birthday girl - sorry my facebook message was late and lame. I might be able to narrow it down to 20 books if I tried.

The Sports Mama said...

What?!? I'm not one of your favorite things....

I'm crushed. Utterly crushed.

Hope the birthday was as awesome as you deserve it to have been!