Monday, August 23, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Two

My Favorite Movie

Another hard one, not quite as hard as the 'favorite song' topic, but still...I have to pick one? I think these are all hard for me because really - I have no favorites...see #17 of that post. (Funny side note - today I was bored at work...well kind of avoiding work...and I was going through my older posts, good stuff in August of 2008!) Sorry, back to the topic at hand.

Maybe I can break it down into genre?
Favorite action flick - Indiana Jones The Last Crusade
Favorite historical movie (loosely based on historical events) - Gladiator
Favorite Western - Tombstone
Favorite comedy - Tommy Boy
Favorite teen movie - The Breakfast Club
Favorite drama - Chocolate (Hmmm, this probably doesn't qualify as a drama...) so maybe Dead Poets Society
Favorite chick flick - Bridget Jones' Diary
Favorite series - Harry Potter
Overall Favorite - Good Will Hunting (I think...well, I really love it anyway)

Eh, not a great topic for me. I'm so wishy washy with this kind of stuff. But I'll ask (because I want to hear from you!!) - What is your favorite movie??

In other was a much needed rest day. My left knee is killing me and I hope it's just a tweak and not anything serious. Tomorrow is strength training and swimming at night so really one more day of rest before I do more running/cycling. Going through my older posts today was kind of fun, some of them I don't remember writing and I was actually entertaining myself thinking, 'Where did this funny girl go??' Then I remember that work is slowly killing my soul. ;) I really need to get my shiznit (not a word) together and start writing...and maybe actually go to some workshops to hone that skill...and maybe, just maybe make some money doing it....maybe.

Oooh...did I mention that it's Birthday Week???? NO? Really? Well it is. And I'm not too excited this year...why is that? Maybe I'll enlighten myself as this week goes on. See you tomorrow for Day Three!!


etg said...

Love Good Will Hunting...good pick! And happy birthday week...way to take the whole week for celebration!

YZB said...

Watch that knee, girl...

I know it can be hard to pick favorites. Sometimes it is more fun to like everything.

That said, my favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one). It never, ever, ever gets old. Runner-up is Paper Moon with Tatun O'Neal. Growing up I always loved the name Tatum and swore I would have a daughter someday and name her Tatum. Guess why that didn't work out? Ha ha!

The Sports Mama said...

Like my favorite song, my favorite movie is really too stupid to explain.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

It's amazing I'm as grown up as I am. :)