Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Three

My Favorite Television Program

What is it with all these 'favorites' topics?? In the time of my life where I'm really trying to cut back on tv...ugh. Again, I don't really have a favorite.

Growing up it would have to have been a tie between Family Ties and The Cosby Show. Those were great shows. I didn't watch tv while in college (too busy studying) or the years following (too busy drinking.) I really don't remember getting back into television until my late 20s after we were married and moved into the house. My favorite show then would have to have been Alias, although I didn't watch it while it was on...I rented all the DVDs through Netflix. We'd have all-nighters watching just 'one more' episode. In fact my pups are named after Alias characters! Sydney Bristow and Gunthar Jack. :)

By day:
Monday - Football or Intervention
Tuesday - White Collar
Wednesday - Top Chef
Thursday - Grey's Anatomy or Burn Notice
Friday - nada
Saturday - nada
Sunday - nada

On the 'nada' nights we'll watch a movie or I'll read OR I'll be getting my stuff ready for the next morning when I get up at o'dark thirty to exercise.

These are shows I like to watch, but it never kills me if I miss any of them. They just don't make shows like they used to! OH, what I don't like?? 'Reality' dating shows. Gag.

In other news, the knee is still tweaky (I like that made up word.) I'm going to try and run tomorrow, see how it goes. Frustrating.

In fun news I found some OLD, OLD friends on facebook. Good times. I spent some time last night talking to my lifelong best friend who is really more like my sister - Hoe, as we all know her. It was good to chat and laugh and today we talked some more and cracked up over old boyfriends and how awesome our lives are now. Ahhh...we've come so far...and still have so much to learn! Be back tomorrow peeps! Peace. :)

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