Monday, August 30, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Seven

Okay, I skipped the weekend? It was my birthday weekend after all! (Which, btw, was fabulous and is still ongoing - I take my b-day week to's sad really.)

A Photo That Makes Me Happy

Just one??? Really? I may have to use a couple...or more than a can guess why they make me happy.

This is a picture taken before Yoga Zen Babe and I ran the Nike Women's San Francisco Half Marathon. I got into the best shape of my life and met one of the most wonderful, inspirational, beautiful people I could have ever hoped to meet. We were running partners and became best friends that shared more than you can imagine. She is still in my life and I thank my lucky stars every day for that. :)

These are the babies, not too hard to guess why this picture makes me happy. The best part about this picture is the way he is looking at her, almost like, "Get Serious Syd!" This was taken during their obedience class when they were 4-5 months old.

And this last one...Trainer, relaxed and on vacation in Cabo. I'm sure he had just said something snarky and this is his, "What??" expression and gesture. This whole week made me happy, it has made the past 15 years worth every minute. Not that given a choice I wouldn't have taken an easier road on some of those journeys, I'm not a glutton for punishment after all. But if those heartaches and headaches meant that I'd end up with him at the end of the day, stronger for everything we've been through? Yeah, I'd do it again.


T said...

all good pics! I really need to be more "visual" in the blogging world - I think people reading my blog would be shocked to meet me in real life since I talk mostly with my hands and weird facial expressions... those just don't come across in my writing!

face off said...

good pics