Monday, August 30, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Seven

Okay, I skipped the weekend? It was my birthday weekend after all! (Which, btw, was fabulous and is still ongoing - I take my b-day week to's sad really.)

A Photo That Makes Me Happy

Just one??? Really? I may have to use a couple...or more than a can guess why they make me happy.

This is a picture taken before Yoga Zen Babe and I ran the Nike Women's San Francisco Half Marathon. I got into the best shape of my life and met one of the most wonderful, inspirational, beautiful people I could have ever hoped to meet. We were running partners and became best friends that shared more than you can imagine. She is still in my life and I thank my lucky stars every day for that. :)

These are the babies, not too hard to guess why this picture makes me happy. The best part about this picture is the way he is looking at her, almost like, "Get Serious Syd!" This was taken during their obedience class when they were 4-5 months old.

And this last one...Trainer, relaxed and on vacation in Cabo. I'm sure he had just said something snarky and this is his, "What??" expression and gesture. This whole week made me happy, it has made the past 15 years worth every minute. Not that given a choice I wouldn't have taken an easier road on some of those journeys, I'm not a glutton for punishment after all. But if those heartaches and headaches meant that I'd end up with him at the end of the day, stronger for everything we've been through? Yeah, I'd do it again.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Six

20 of My Favorite Things
Not in any particular order:
  1. The smell of rain, especially when the air is crisp
  2. Sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves and soaking up the positive ions
  3. Being told "I love you" for no particular reason
  4. Sleeping in and watching Sports Center in bed, not getting out of bed all day...hehehe
  5. My Kate Spade purse (took me a long time to get one)
  6. Reading books
  7. When I'm feeling down and my puppies come and love on me b/c they just know I need it
  8. Peanut butter
  9. When my dad calls me Pumpkin
  10. Coffee/Espresso
  11. When my buddy Zen Boy (no longer a baby!) yells out my name and jumps into my arms when I go visit him.
  12. Pedicures
  13. Sitting on the porch/balcony of a place near the ocean drinking Coronas at sunset
  14. Cooking and mostly watching people enjoy the food I've cooked
  15. Making people smile or laugh when they're having a hard time
  16. The feeling I get after riding an absurd amount of miles on my bike
  17. Hanging with my girls, any of them at any time, love my friends
  18. Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream by Hagen Daaz
  19. Baths, love them! Wish I had a bigger tub in this house!!!
  20. My BIRTHDAY! (you knew that was coming right?)
Those are just 20 of my favorite things....that wasn't as hard to do because I didn't have to pick just one! What are some of your favorite things?
Ran my 12 miles, the knee is not doing good. It just had to hold out for two more races. I just can't bend it...shouldn't be a problem right? Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Five

My Favorite Quote

Oh, how does this quote go...I should have it memorized right...if it's my favorite??? Yeah, you figured right, I don't have a favorite quote. Here are some that I'm very fond of:

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein

“Leap and the net will appear.” –Zen saying

“Everything we do affects other people.” –Luke Ford

"Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever!"- Lance Armstrong

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” –Winston Churchill

All, have the same concepts: struggles, difficulty, learning, understanding, accepting and the will to keep going. If I had to chose a favorite it of these it would be "Leap and the net will appear" as this is how I've been living my life. A series of leaps and unknowing. AND if you notice, is the founding phrase for my blog - Another Leap of Faith. Sometimes the net is a little lower than I thought, but it is always there, always supporting and enabling myself to bounce back up and jump again.

Sorry for the late post, this means two blogs today...but my wireless wasn't/isn't working and I prefer to write my nighttime blogs in front of the tv so I can be with Trainer.

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you, makes you think about your choices, or one you just really like?


Training news - I'm supposed to run 12 miles today, solo. Which about a month ago I would have been okay with. But I've been running with people and you get used to that. So it will be me with my Shuffle out today on the road. I should have gone out about 2 hrs ago....which would have meant me getting up at 5:30am. My alarm was set, but my hand got a mind of it's own and kept hitting the snooze until said hand just turned the darn thing off. Up at 7am, no bueno. Just took the pups out though and it's still a little cooler out. I'm leaving in 20 minutes whether I like it or not.

Tweaky knee - still tweaky. We're just dealing with it and moving on. Everything on my body is in revolt, tightening up and screaming at me...but, I just put on my shoes and go until I can't hear it anymore.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Four

My Favorite Book

Are y'all bored yet? See, I thought maybe blogging everyday would get some of my older readers back, but really I think it's made them, whatever...we'll catch up next week. No? Yes?

I think there are two more 'favorite' posts and then on to other topics.

Books....oh lordy...books. I love books, as in 'Puffy Heart with Glitter on it' love. I've been an avid reader since I was 8 I think, yes, 8 was my first long chapter book. Then I fell in love with being in another world when I was 9. My parents read all of the time, my older brother read and when he was old enough I used to read to my little brother to help him go to sleep. Of course he reads now as well. We weren't an athletic family, but man...we were a well read family!

Once again, I don't have just one favorite. The only kind of books that I don't care for are Horror novels, at least ones that will scare you...because I like the Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton, and that is considered Horror. And I could do without most Sci-fi and Fantasy. I tried reading those in my youth and they didn't take.

The one book I can say that I truly love is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I went on a rant already in this post so I won't bore you with the details again, but in short - changed my outlook on life and how I deal with things. VERY healthy book for me. Other books that I can read over and over - All of the Harry Potter books (I used book 6 to get me through my 4 hour tattoo) and all of the Merry Gentry books by Laurel K. Hamilton.

Books that I eat like yellow cake with chocolate frosting??? Historical romance novels. LOVE the ones with great sex scenes. ;) Yes, the dirty girl continues to rear her lovely head! I also love them when they are in a series so you can continue the family/friend line and read more about their lives. be transported to England during the Napoleon years.

Do you have a single favorite book?

Went on a three mile run with the tweaky knee and it was doing okay until mile 2 point something. Then I had to stop, hopped on one leg and massaged the knee area until I was able to go again. I didn't walk though, did not want to walk any of these three mile. I came home, iced it and put on a compression stocking (the whole leg is gross and swollen so that may be adding to it) and went to work.

My eating has been crappy lately so I decided to make Crockpot Applesauce Chicken for dinner, I'll let you know how it turns out. I just about burned my rice while that may not turn out either. Low-fat, Low-sodium, hopefully not 'Low-taste.' Anywho....tune in tomorrow for my next 'Favorite' post. :) Peace!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Three

My Favorite Television Program

What is it with all these 'favorites' topics?? In the time of my life where I'm really trying to cut back on tv...ugh. Again, I don't really have a favorite.

Growing up it would have to have been a tie between Family Ties and The Cosby Show. Those were great shows. I didn't watch tv while in college (too busy studying) or the years following (too busy drinking.) I really don't remember getting back into television until my late 20s after we were married and moved into the house. My favorite show then would have to have been Alias, although I didn't watch it while it was on...I rented all the DVDs through Netflix. We'd have all-nighters watching just 'one more' episode. In fact my pups are named after Alias characters! Sydney Bristow and Gunthar Jack. :)

By day:
Monday - Football or Intervention
Tuesday - White Collar
Wednesday - Top Chef
Thursday - Grey's Anatomy or Burn Notice
Friday - nada
Saturday - nada
Sunday - nada

On the 'nada' nights we'll watch a movie or I'll read OR I'll be getting my stuff ready for the next morning when I get up at o'dark thirty to exercise.

These are shows I like to watch, but it never kills me if I miss any of them. They just don't make shows like they used to! OH, what I don't like?? 'Reality' dating shows. Gag.

In other news, the knee is still tweaky (I like that made up word.) I'm going to try and run tomorrow, see how it goes. Frustrating.

In fun news I found some OLD, OLD friends on facebook. Good times. I spent some time last night talking to my lifelong best friend who is really more like my sister - Hoe, as we all know her. It was good to chat and laugh and today we talked some more and cracked up over old boyfriends and how awesome our lives are now. Ahhh...we've come so far...and still have so much to learn! Be back tomorrow peeps! Peace. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day Two

My Favorite Movie

Another hard one, not quite as hard as the 'favorite song' topic, but still...I have to pick one? I think these are all hard for me because really - I have no favorites...see #17 of that post. (Funny side note - today I was bored at work...well kind of avoiding work...and I was going through my older posts, good stuff in August of 2008!) Sorry, back to the topic at hand.

Maybe I can break it down into genre?
Favorite action flick - Indiana Jones The Last Crusade
Favorite historical movie (loosely based on historical events) - Gladiator
Favorite Western - Tombstone
Favorite comedy - Tommy Boy
Favorite teen movie - The Breakfast Club
Favorite drama - Chocolate (Hmmm, this probably doesn't qualify as a drama...) so maybe Dead Poets Society
Favorite chick flick - Bridget Jones' Diary
Favorite series - Harry Potter
Overall Favorite - Good Will Hunting (I think...well, I really love it anyway)

Eh, not a great topic for me. I'm so wishy washy with this kind of stuff. But I'll ask (because I want to hear from you!!) - What is your favorite movie??

In other was a much needed rest day. My left knee is killing me and I hope it's just a tweak and not anything serious. Tomorrow is strength training and swimming at night so really one more day of rest before I do more running/cycling. Going through my older posts today was kind of fun, some of them I don't remember writing and I was actually entertaining myself thinking, 'Where did this funny girl go??' Then I remember that work is slowly killing my soul. ;) I really need to get my shiznit (not a word) together and start writing...and maybe actually go to some workshops to hone that skill...and maybe, just maybe make some money doing it....maybe.

Oooh...did I mention that it's Birthday Week???? NO? Really? Well it is. And I'm not too excited this year...why is that? Maybe I'll enlighten myself as this week goes on. See you tomorrow for Day Three!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Blogging Project - Day One

My favorite song

Wow, this is a hard one. I've been studying music since I was 7 years old. I love all kinds of music, really there are only a few styles that I don't like and only because I don't see any musicality in them at all. Such as Thrash Metal...I just don't get it.

I have several artists that I adore, several composers who have put life into my soul. To pick just one song...gah, almost impossible. Well, it won't be a composer because I consider those compositions works of art, and I believe this Blogging Project is asking something a little more mainstream. (However, 'The Planets' and 'Finlandia' are my two favorite compositions.)

If we're talking mainstream music, songs that most people would recognize I would have to say 'Soak up the Sun' by Sheryl Crow. She's in my top three favorite artist of all time. The song is upbeat, fun, makes me want to be driving along the beach in San Diego with the windows down and singing loudly with the music. Here is my favorite part of the song:

I don't have digital
I don't have diddly squat
It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

It resonates with me and this is how I've tried to live my life, loving what I've got and trying to not want materialistic thing (which of course I do...I'm human!) over things that are irreplaceable. Some of my other favorites:

Dave Matthews - Crash
Ashlee Simpson - Beautifully Broken
Velvet Revolver - Fall to Pieces

Wow, this project may be harder than I thought! But look for a post a day for the next 30 days.

What's your favorite song?

PS - The run was great, knee is hurting a bit, but I got 10 miles in.

The Blogging Project and other rambling

I still have readers!! And thank you for the comments, love you guys too. :) Yoga Zen Babe sent me this 'blogging project' that one of her friends is doing and she suggested that I give it a try - so here we go: 30 days of blogging, I have the topics in my inbox for each day. I'm not sure if I'll start this today or tomorrow, probably today, but later.

Right now it is o'dark thirty and I'm up eating my oats and drinking my coffee in anticipation to go run 10 miles. Since my body is all jacked up it takes it a while to be able to 'go' in the am, and 'go' I must before a run or the consequences can be dire. As in, 'if I don't find a bathroom RIGHT now we'll all be in trouble' kind of dire. I started running with the group, now that I've found my own little group of turtles. We're not the fastest, but we always finish. It's been great. I'll have to think of nick names.

The girl I'm running with today I'm going to call Little Bit because she is tiny, tiny, tiny and so sweet. I met her out on a random ride one day, her group was coming in and I was riding solo and we chatted the whole way in. Ever since then any time I've seen her she's been super friendly and made me feel really welcome. My tri-group has been great through this Longhorn training and it really has helped finding my little niche of peeps that I can hang with.

Yesterday was a 54 mile bike ride on the Longhorn course, that was okay, less than fun, but not terrible. Another girl and I did a 30 minute brick (running right after you ride, no break, simulates a triathlon - kind of) right afterward and that was hard. It was hot and it's really hard to get your legs going, but that is the point. :) THEN I had to come home, stretch and recover in time for Trainer's first Client Appreciation Happy Hour!! It was a success. I had two beers while at the restaurant and have figured out that exercise and booze - bad choice for me. NO more drinking until this triathlon is over. And it's not a 'healthy' decision, it just makes me feel like crap.

Well, time to suit up for my run, I have my running skirt on, my watch and some random tank top. Now it's time to put on the bullet proof vest (my running bra), socks and my shoes. OH, best part about today's run?? We meet at Barton Springs and after we're done with our run we take off our shoes and sit in the 68 degree water. We go to the free 'hippy side' with all the puppies. Not quite as cold as an ice bath, but pretty close. Definitely something to look forward to! Have a great day and I'll be back later to start my project!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And once again...

It's now the middle of August....two months (almost) since my last post. I'm not sure what happened but I really stopped feeling like I had anything to say that was entertaining. Of course that isn't why I started this blog, but some days I think 'Wow, my life is dull and who the heck would want to read about it?' Out on my rides (that have gotten much longer) I think of all of these things to say and when I get back *Poof* they're gone.

I am getting ready for my next event, the Austin Tri Olympic. Last year this was my 'A' race and this year it's just another brick in the road leading to Longhorn 70.3. This past weekend was my longest weekend of training yet, I rode 70 miles on Saturday and ran 11 miles on Sunday. It was supposed to be 75 and 15, but sometimes your body just doesn't cooperate. All this training just makes you tired. I want to get to the point where I feel stronger! Not happening.

I cancelled my trip to AZ to see my best girlfriends and then watch my teammates race in the IMAZ. It was a fairness/money thing. If Trainer and I only get one trip this year (which has been decided) we should really do it together. So we found a week that works for both of us, Thanksgiving weekend, and made plans to go out of town. A nice, cheap trip that lands us on a beach and gives us some much needed time away from here - together. I guess I was being selfish, not really considering that he hasn't gotten away at all since our trip last year in October. I mean, why wouldn't he want to get away too right? So there you have it.

The pups are good, just trying to survive the summer like the rest of us in the blasted nasty humid really gross Texas heat. It wasn't too bad until the temps reached over 100 degrees with 91% humidity. Can't breathe....which makes it hard to do many other train for a triathlon!!

Well, that's all for now. I'll come up with something witty this weekend I'm sure and I'll try to get it down so you have something entertaining to read! I hope I haven't lost all of my readers. Peace to everyone!