Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Characters - Part I of the Friends

So, I'm a collector of friends. My oldest friend used to tell me that I had too many friends. Can you really have too many friends? I guess the best way to do this is chronologically, and don't hold me to it! (I'm old, I have a bad memory...right) And these aren't all of my friends, just the ones that I've held on to...the real collector's items. (That makes them just as old - HA!)

From elementary to HS:
Hoe - That is what I really call her so it's appropriate here. She is my oldest friend, we met just before I turned four years old. She is originally from upstate New York and I'm originally from California. We met b/c our father's worked for the same airline and came to open the Denver station at the same time. We also lived right around the block from each other. We grew up but never grew apart, even though we are VERY different people. We'll go months without talking, but when we do it's like we never stopped.

80's Girl - Apparently my dear friend is stuck in the 80s. :) I'll have to ask her if I can use her blog name in here, which I bet is fine, but I'll ask anyway. You know, trying to be that "good" friend again. Anyway, we went to HS together and were choir/drama nerds together. She is now married and has two wonderful boys and two pups. Back in the day she drove this HUGE car that had no floor board on the passenger side. Lot's of good memories there! ;)

The Choir Squad - There are a lot of good people in this little group. I still talk to a lot of them and we're all over the country now.

The Band Geeks - You know, besides the cross overs from the Choir Squad and Hoe I don't keep up with any of the Band Geeks. Huh. I was a band geek, well...maybe a full blown music geek. I started piano at 7, choir at 9, clarinet at 10....and it never stopped. I even majored in music in college! Huh.

And to College:

I have several friends from this era but if I write what I'd like to about all of them this post would be ridiculously long. So, I'll try the abbreviated version and keep my secrets for later!

A'cappella (Diva) Girls - They togecame and went through college and then a group of us stuck together. We have Tiny Dancer, The Director, Soul Mate, Sexy Hippy, The Hot Executive, and The Saint. There are others (like the Cheeky Monkey), but these are the ones that are still very much in my life. I'll give short descriptions:
Tiny Dancer - My first college friend, she introduced me to A'cappella and The Director.
The Director - Brought A'cappella to our school and introduced me to Te-kill-ya.
Soul Mate - We hit it off right away and became "sisters" on a road trip to Colorado.
Sexy Hippy - It was between that and Sex Kitten, but she's a hippy, and a rocker. She does this amazing thing with her lips...more on that later. ;)
The Hot Executive - I could have called her the Goddess too, she has powers people, and I'm serious. This fiery Jersey red head is a force, but a "controlled" force. Keep walking...we're walking...
The Saint - Really, you might ask, is she really a Saint? No, she's not...she can be the devil, but her heart is one of a Saint and it's been proven Over and Over.
Cheeky Monkey - I know, bizarre name, but fits her.

The School of Music - I picked up several friends along the way in the school of music, most have gone out of my life. The ones that still exist in my life are: The Hick, Legs and The Enigma. And some more short narratives:
The Hick - My college roommate my Jr and Sr year. I wouldn't have graduated without her. She was/is from Texas and I used to make fun of her all of the time. Now I live here, huh.
Legs - Oh my...well, our history involves booze, men and trombones...makes you wonder doesn't it? She is also currently in Texas, we just keep moving trouble around the world.
The Enigma - That means mystery or riddle so I thought it fit. This was "the ONE" that wasn't meant to be. Although we still chat...and get into trouble, but more on that later.

And then I have ties to AZ that I'll mention:
From my last place of employment we have Twiggy, Shakes and The Storyteller. I'm not sure yet if these ones will come into play so I'll leave it alone for now. And I have to put in Estes, as we met at my last place of work, but our friendship has gone SO much further. She is now in Utah with her child and husband...and no, she isn't a Mormon.

I also "steal" friends, or acquire them from other friends, the most notable in this group is Yoga Zen Babe. Yep, that is her name...she's hot and bendy and completely balanced inside and out.

So you can see...I really do collect friends. And I can tell you details about them that no one else knows, of course I won't because that is why they tell me. ;)


The Sports Mama said...

Huh. Well, I really should point out that not ALL of me is stuck in the 80's....just the musical part! I mean, I gave up the big hair at least four years ago! ;)

And, since I've apparently just outed myself.... feel free to use the blog name! :)

Anonymous said...

Not everything has to do with booze- just the good stuff! :-)


Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Will show off amazing trick with lips for $5. Does "hippy" mean I have big hips?! Better than Sexy HippO, I suppose. Could have been a lot worse, actually.

You = hilarious!