Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Woes

Ugh, it's Sunday...which means that I have to work tomorrow. I'm SO bummed. I'd really like to call in sick tomorrow morning, in fact the excuses are running through my head as I type. I could have some food borne illness, a killer headache, even the flu - just a little late. The options are endless and I'm a pretty accomplished fibber. This isn't something that one should be proud of...but I am, good at it that is. But, as we all know, I'll go to work. I'll suffer through the accounting meeting that's been called by Plain (CFO) and be oh so efficient. Tomorrow also marks the end of our fiscal year, I would never miss that day...even if I was truly sick.

This weekend was Trainer's birthday weekend. That is my thing more than his, but I try to be fair and give him what I want. I know that sounds funny. But I would want a birthday weekend, week...month if we were to get carried away. So, this is what I do for him. It doesn't work so well the other way, when he gives me what HE would want. A low key evening, doing nothing... Anyone who really knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday. To me it is a holiday. Probably has something to do with that whole "middle child" thing. You know, the thing that makes me seek out anything that makes me feel special? Oh crap, there I go...this isn't about's about Trainer.

His actual birthday was on Thursday. I wanted to make it a perfect day. That morning we had an appraiser coming over and I had to wait for him, and since I was already home I decided to decorate the house with streamers and a banner. I wrapped up his present and left it for him on the counter. I was pretty proud of myself. Of course later that morning I got the anticipated text saying, "nice decorations" and that was it. Not "WOW! Thanks babe, that was cool" or anything like that. But again, that would have been ME not him. That night I wanted to make the perfect dinner so I went to Costco to get some Ahi tuna steaks that I had seen the week before, I was going to sear them (I got instructions from Sprinter - GOOD cook) and make some garlic mashed potatoes. I know that he would love that. Well, I got to Costco and they didn't have the tuna...errrg, so I got a salmon fillet instead. Trainer wasn't supposed to be home until 8:30 so I was just relaxing on the couch trying to watch my dvr'd shows. The door opens...Trainer is early and he didn't even text me. Errrrg - again! He say, "So, what's for dinner?" and I replied, "Well..." and he interrupts, "Pizza?" with a big grin on his face. EEEEEEERRRRRRRGGGGGGG! Pizza. I should have known as pizza is a staple in our diet. I said, "Well, I had this salmon, but I'll just cook it tomorrow night." He responds, "Oh, we can have the salmon." and of course I say, "No, no...I'll just order the pizza." So my...I mean HIS birthday night was not everything that I had hoped.

Continuing the birthday weekend....Friday I cooked the salmon and then we met up with some friends at this place called Sherlock's, a bar not too far from the house. It was a "My divorce is final and Trainer's b-day" celebration. More about the divorce, but that's okay. We went and had drinks and Mr. "I'm not going to drink too much" ended up drinking too much. Then at 2am Mr. "I'm really drunk" decides that he is "Mr. Frisky"...I shut that down pretty quick, I mean I LOVE getting frisky...when I'm awake. Saturday was the big birthday dinner out. I had made reservations for this steakhouse that is completely Austin. Meaning that it just has that Austin vibe. I was SO excited. This is where I wanted to take Trainer last year, but again, he just wanted pizza. Do you see a pattern? Anyway, Trainer ended up having a work meeting until 7 so I made our reservations for 8. We went and it was good, not fabulous like I had hoped, but was good. We went home and I was hoping for a little action, however with the drunk night before and the long day that he'd action. I secretly think that he was getting back at me. He fell asleep at 11pm and I couldn't get my mind to stop and ended up watching TV until 2am. Yes, me...lying there watching Save the Last Dance and The Real Housewives of New York. *Sigh*

We (really not WE, more like Trainer and the pups) woke up at 7:30am and decided that we were going on a walk. I took them to the park where I do most of my training runs with The Democrat. Fifi and Fido were beside themselves with joy. There is a lot of wildlife in the park and people were everywhere. After we got home I asked Trainer what he wanted for continuation of "birthday weekend" and he decided on my egg, potato and toast breakfast. When lunch time rolled around we had pizza...again, although a different kind of pizza. We went to his favorite espresso joint and had ridiculously expensive drinks. And then for dinner I cooked a pork loin and his favorite side dish - stuffing. Now we're just chillin' on the couch watching more TV as he stuffs his face with the gummy candies that I bought him. Another birthday weekend comes to an end...ahhh....I love birthdays, even when they're not everything that I had hoped for.


The Sports Mama said...

I keep trying to convince Coach that he wants pasta for his birthday every year.


No such luck. We keep ending up at steak houses.

If your man didn't appreciate the effort you put into your.. I mean, his weekend.... I say its perfectly acceptable to kick him in both shins while he's sleeping.

The Saint said...

What a wonderful wife you are, trying to make him feel special the entire weekend instead of just on his actual birthday. You're one in a million, lady. ;-)

It's nice to know that somebody else is addicted to Real Housewives of NYC too... nothing like a shallow reality program about people with obscene amounts of money to take our minds off of our problems, right? ;-)

yoga babe said...

My husband likes to lay-low on his birthday weekend, too. Which TOTALLY STINKS because his birthday weekend just happens to be the same weekend as MY birthday weekend...

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

YAY Birthdays!! Ahhh, I miss the days (weeks) of celebrating my birthday. Unfortunately, my kid decided to be born on my special day so it is no more (*sigh*)...