Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Characters - Part II of the Friends

When is she going to get to the good stuff?? Well, as in any good story, movie or book it's good to build a foundation and have references to the characters. So, although this is taking time, it will be worth it. And it's my blog...I can take as long as I want.

We moved to Austin in 2006, to the dismay of my AZ friends. 2005 they were all talking about getting pregnant, and shortly after that I was looking for someplace to go to get out of Dodge. Yep, that's me...avoider of babies. And the weird thing?? Babies LOVE me. (I'm sure it's the boobs, what baby doesn't like boobs?) Anyway, I renamed 2006 - Estrogen-fest '06, and within the year they were pregnant, almost all of them. There are still a few soldiers standing, but I'm sure not for long. ;)

When I got to Austin I didn't have a job and we were living off the equity from the sale of our house. Thank goddess that we got out in time, the housing market crashed shortly after we left. So, I did what I do and got a job within a month. Not bad considering I didn't do ANYTHING but house stuff for the first two weeks. I interviewed at this place...we'll call it EXPLODE...and had the job after the first interview. I was hired as an AP clerk, although my last position at my old company was Assistant Controller and Interim Controller. So, I have a lot of experience, but I didn't want to be picky, I just wanted a paycheck. The bonus is that this new place is only 3 miles from my house and I go against traffic. Easy, breezy! I was quiet at first, hard to imagine...I know, but then once I learned where everyone fit I became more comfortable. Within 3 months I was promoted to my current position and had my pay back where it was when I left AZ. Nice right? Well, yes...but that meant that I had to word directly with the crack-pot CFO. I guess here is where I start in on the work characters:

Plain - This is the CFO, he's a nut job, but can be "lovable" in a weird twisted drug induced high kind of way. Nicknamed 'Last minute Larry' for a reason. And I'm the go-to person for those tasks.

Peanut - This is the COO and he's crazy. Seriously a living Jekyll and Hyde character. He 'loves' fashion...and you should see him express that love. Oh my...

Smiley - She is my daily sanity. She's been out this week and so I've turned to the blog, see...this is ALL her fault! Seriously though, she always smiles, even when she's pissed. She's our secret weapon, because she can be bitchy and no one will see it coming!

Z - That's all I have to call her. She's a bit whiny some times and annoying, but tolerable.

The Boss Man - Now he was just made my 'official' boss, but really he runs the show, and not just in accounting, he runs the WHOLE show.

Title Girl - Yep, self-explanatory, she's hung up on titles...we don't like her...she's evil.

Then there are the random work people who I don't work with directly but may get a mention or two in my bi*ching...I mean blogging. And really are these people my friends? Some are, some aren't, but they're all entertainment to me.

Now, for the work people that no longer work with me but I "collected" and kept after they (wisely) moved on from EXPLODE:

LSU Chick - She is this tiny little peach from Louisiana. Typical Southern girl that had a plantation wedding, you know the type, sweet as can be! She's hilarious and we occasionally get together for happy hour.

Minnesota - Obviously you see the trend, she's from Minnesota, a football fanatic (which I LOVE about her) and is a tough little cookie.

Home Girl - She is a good 'ol Texas girl, a little hick, but mostly just Country. She attended UT and is married to Home Boy (it's easier this way) who is one of Trainers favorite people in Austin. The four of us hang out and always have a good time. No awkwardness...and get this...Home Boy likes to drink to get drunk too...peas in a pod.

Then there are these other three that I randomly met online:

From the WW website there is Midwest Chick and Sprinter, then I met The Democrat through an exercise friends website. Meeting people online is interesting...very, very, very interesting. Sprinter is my favorite "new" friend. Midwest Chick is a tomboy kick ass softball player, and no...she's not a lesbian, and there is nothing wrong with that. (I'm really trying to keep this PC people!) We are becomming good friends. She has and gets that sarcastic humor that I love so much! The Democrat is my current running partner.

I think I have the basic characters down now...phew! There will be more I'm sure. But you can always reference these pages if you get confused. ;) Actually it's more for my benefit so I can remember what I named people. Ha!


The Sports Mama said...

Oh honey... you've got so many characters... its going to be a challenge to remember what you've named them! ;)

This should be fun! :)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

I LOVE all the characters. This is too fun!