Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pieces of a Puzzle

Today is Easter, although that doesn't mean a lot in our household. It's just another Sunday, except for the fact that the Home Depot was less crowded. In fact I'm drinking my Texspresso in jeans and a t-shirt, sitting on my couch while watching Joes vs. Pros. Have you seen this show? Pretty darn funny...if you like sports. The weather is a little grey and cool, perfect weather to nurse a killer hangover. Too much beer and a lot of extra curricular activities makes me a tired, sore and an oddly happy girl.

The title - Pieces of a Puzzle - is how I describe my relationship with Trainer. When we first started "dating" I would tell my friends that it just fit right. I know, I know...TMI...sorry for those who really know both of us. ;) But really our relationship started off on a physical level and grew from there. And it's been that way ever since. Crazy.

Last night we decided to go grab some beers and listen to live music. You can do that just about anywhere here in Austin. There is this brewery pretty close to our house called NXNW (North by North West) which has tried to mimic the microbrew pubs from the NW. Their Pale Ale is amazing so of course we had to have some of that. We split an appetizer and then a burger and listened to some tunes on the deck. I've been feeling pretty insecure since the Craigslist stuff. Call me crazy, but really...if you found your significant other looking at Casual Encounter ads, no matter how funny they are, wouldn't you feel a little inadequate? No? Well, I was feeling that way. So, with the help of a little liquid courage I decided to bring up the subject again. See, my dear Trainer was looking at these silly ads while I was away in Houston. And of course he still doesn't really know how to erase his history so I found out.

I hadn't said anything about the ads until this point. But as we were listening to the music and halfway through my second beer I brought it up. We talked about it, I told him how it made me feel, he did the adolescent eye roll and claimed it was a guy thing, I gave him the "I'm not trying to be your mother, just your wife" speech and he told me that he would never go there again...and now he knows that I can access the information so he'd better not lie. Whew, glad we got that over with. We left after our third beer and drove home. Of course I was a little worked up so I decided to go to the convenience store and get MORE beer.

We continued to drink and turned on some tunes. Then one thing led to another and I found myself modeling several pieces of lingerie that Trainer had bought me the previous year. I came out of the bedroom to find all of the lights off and all of the candles lit. I was putting on my best "stripper" dance show with the 80s hair-band rock in the background. Pretty good stuff. (I think I've been watching too many episodes of Rock of Love.) Hahaha! The fun lasted until about 2:30am, not a record in our 13 years together, but pretty close. Easter morning was a continuation of the evening. I swear, it was like we were 22 again. I guess sometimes when things are amiss you need to look at the what brought you together and go back...go back to a time when you were just two interlocking pieces of a puzzle.


The Sports Mama said...

Love this post. I really do.

Yoga Babe said...


Sounds like you are for sure getting your "backstage pass" this week!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one who watches the ridiculous Rock of Love. I feel so ashamed but it's addicting as hell! Aren't you glad you don't look anything like the blowfish-looking bimbos on that show?! SO happy you got some marathon sex (and a tiny bit jealous)...