Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Introducing - some of my characters

Well, I guess it would make sense to start with my family and then expand from there:

Mom - Self explanatory right? She's a little Mexican firecracker. Loyal to the end with a wrath that is so fierce that you'll never want to tick her off. I tried really hard not to tick her off and we got along when I was young and growing up in the household, really I just didn't cause any waves. If I got home from school and she was in a "mood" I just kept walking up to my room and started on my homework. When I left for college we didn't get along and that pattern continued as I lived in SIN with my now husband until I got married. Then it was as if a switch was turned and it was all okay again. Now we're friends and I talk to her weekly.

Dad - My rock, my heart...he's my Dad! The ever stoic white guy. He really wasn't around for our childhood events b/c he was working trying to support the family. But he always told me how proud he was of me and was never critical. We got closer when I went to school and would write letters back and forth. We're still the best of friends and I'm just as proud of him as he is of me.

Big Bro - My arch nemesis...when I was a kid I thought he was the anti-Christ. He's three years older and misunderstood. That's what we say when kids are defiant right? Yes, for every wrong he committed I had to come up with two rights. This shaped me into a very bitter, cynical, sarcastic and quick witted kid. I was a small kid for my age (boy that changed) and my brother used to beat on me, and if I told he twisted it around so I got in trouble. Our relationship now? We talk every couple of years, although currently I'm trying to build a relationship with him. It feels like the right thing to do, he needs someone to talk to and I am determined to be there for him. And yes, I'm a co-dependent enabler who needs to be needed. :)

Little Bro - I like this name for him b/c he hates it. He is constantly telling me that he is NOT little. Whatever dude, you're stuck with it. I could have called him "spoiled brat with no sense of responsibility bro", don't you think Little Bro is better that that? Of course that kind of sums him up. He's eight years younger than I am and he ruined EVERYTHING! Okay, that's dramatic, but when you're eight years old and you're used to getting at least 10 x-mas presents and the year that HE's born you only get 3??? Right, so you're there with me? Anyway, I do love my dear brother. He used to be so cute when he was little, mouthy...but cute. Then he was a teenager and I was away at college and he was basically an only child. I think my parents kind of gave up on discipline. He got into some things that he shouldn't have, he denies it if you ask about it, but he told me everything on a visit to see me one year. Oh the power of liquor. We still talk monthly through email.

Husband - I think we'll call him Trainer, as in what he does, not what he is to me. :) We met in the Spring semester of my last year of college. One of my dearest friends got me a job at this corporate restaurant and Trainer was my trainer...ha ha, okay, that's funny. Anyway, we didn't start "dating" right away. But, I did start drinking with him and all the others at work. NOT good. One night we were all out drinking and we went back to my place for more booze and to go to someone else's house. We got the booze, got to the door, and he kissed me...we never made it to the party and that's when we started "dating". :) I'm trying to keep it clean...bear with me. From that point on we kept dating and actually moved in together within a month. Living in sin, being the outcast of the family, that was me. The perfect daughter who was no longer perfect. That was 1995, we were married in 1999 and we're still together. Our marriage isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it's been up and down...I refer to it as a LONG learning experience. You'll hear more on this throughout the blog.

The Puppies - We have two large dogs. Might as well give them names the interest of their privacy. Fifi and Fido. They are litter mates and the loves of our lives. The weigh about 120-125lbs each. When we have to buy food, or get them groomed, or take them to the vet and they cost a TON of money I just remind myself that they are still cheaper than children and they'll never leave my side.

That's it for the immediate family, now for the extended family...really, they are my best friends from different parts of my life. I think I'll save this next post for tomorrow. It'll take me a while to come up with names for them all! Until then...


The Sports Mama said...

WooHoo! You got the comments going! :)

And you should tell Little Bro to be thankful....MINE got stuck with The Baby! :)

I never, EVER knew that was how you and T met. Huh. Who'da thunk it?

Shaw said...

Love the blog Miss Becca! Miss you tons and reading this is like knowing you're right there :)

Amie said...

I love having yet another way to keep in touch with you and your life's happenings. I'll be checking it daily for my fix. ;-)
Rock on sista!