Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday post...and it's SUNNY...for now

Yay for the sun before I go do my afternoon swim. Yesterday was a cloudy misty "looks colder than it really is" kind of day. But I still got my swim in. I was pretty pleased with myself. My training is starting to shape up, even with the set backs of last week. Officemate was out so I had to man the ship and that meant long days and late nights and little room for training. BUT, so far this week I have in two strength workouts, one run, one swim (soon to be two), and after swim I'll either bike or run. Tomorrow is a short bike with a longer run (brick) and Sunday is my 70 mile ride down Parmer. Somehow I'll get two of each in!

I've been checking in with my friends through Facebook. Sometimes I don't mind, but some days I want more than just to 'Like' this comment or that. I miss my AZ girls this week. I'll see them in November if everything goes as planned. I'm heading down to help and cheer on the Ironman athletes from my team and will stay longer to see everyone. I want to go and sing silly Karaoke with them, want to talk about their kids and how THEY are doing (aside from the mommy stuff), I want to drink good wine with them and tell them about all my training. I want to sit in a circle and sing as we used to... Ahhh, memories and longing. No singing for me in Texas.

Hmmm...maybe I am feeling less than stellar about my training and want to do something that I'm good at to make myself feel better? Gotta love self-analysis. Well, time to suit up for swim practice. Please Mr. Sun, stay out until 1 or so. Later gators.


T said...

I'm going to be cheering on the IronMan athletes here in May... because with my body cheering is going to wear me out thoroughly!

Marta said...

"No singing for me in Texas." Dude, that's weak. Let's do something about that!

The Sports Mama said...

So, I know I'm not actually one of your "AZ Girls"... but it would totally rock if I could borrow you from them for just a bit when you're here!!

I miss you!!!!