Friday, April 9, 2010

Fridays Rock

I love Fridays, favorite day of the week is generally Thursday because it's the day before Friday. Work doesn't seem so dreadful on Friday. Most Fridays anyway, today is an exception. It's like the whole sales force got lost in a forest and they only way they can get out is by bugging me and Officemate. Seriously, I'm not sure how they find their way out of their houses' on days like this. Today I'm working part of my day from home, I would have been working it ALL from home but yesterday threw up on me and I had too much to do and it was just faster to go in for a couple of hours. I get to do this every other Friday, it's really of the ONLY perks at my job, aside from 100% paid benefits. That's the biggest perk.

Let's see...last I left you I had track practice. Here's the thing with me, I'm NOT an athlete (in my mind, but thank you M for saying that, you're sweet!) but I do athletic things. I take direction well, I could probably repeat word for word what the coaches have told me. However, when it comes to execution I just don't have 'it'. That doesn't stop me, nor will it ever, from trying and matter how slow or badly it is done. Track...didn't want to go, I mean I did, but then I didn't. I got stuck in traffic and thought, well...maybe I'll just go to the bicycle shop instead and get my team clothes...but my faithful car drove its way to the track, and I did a two lap warm up, then drills, then 1200m repeats, just three (in the same time that other people did 4 and/or 5...speedy bastards), and then a two lap cool down going forward on the curves and backward on the straightaways. TOUGH! But I'm glad I did it. My abs feel nice and tight and I was super happy that I had come home at lunch and pre-made dinner!!

Thursday was week #2 of swimming. This was my first attempt at the 9:30a class to see how full it was and if it would work with my schedule. I work from home from 7-9a, then take off for the pool (about 30 min away) then swim for an hour, drive back (30 min), shower at home and back to work within another 30 min. That is a 2.5 hour lunch! But then I go to work, and eat lunch there and usually work until 6:30p or so. It worked! Then today I went to work for that time, then left for swimming at 11a, did the hour and 15 min of practice. Came back, worked for an hour, went and had coffee with Trainer (that was really supposed to be my weights workout but I'm cashed), came home and I'm working once again. Well...I'm blogging while waiting for my forms to load!

So, here is my improvement with the swimming in just 3 workouts:
Swim #1 (Last Friday) Did 1000m in 45 min (couldn't do the full hour b/c of crappy endurance)
Swim #2 (yesterday) Did 1500m in 1 hr (still slow, but better)
Swim #3 (today) Did 2150m in 1:15 (getting better!!)

Please remember that there are rest breaks in between sets (kind of like weights), for those ultra good swimmers out there. :) Okay, so while I was swimming (after I was explained to my lane partner what one of the drills was) I was thinking...I can explain it...just not execute it! When I came back for rest the coach says, "I just don't know how we're going to get your arms to open up...*sigh*...this has been my problem for MONTHS now. And I supposed a 2 month hiatus didn't help.

Ack, you know what I forgot today??? Fricken sun screen!!! I can feel the burn setting in. Blah. Suckage.

Tomorrow is a 48 mile ride. I was going to attempt the 62 miler...just not sure about it. I really should do it since the Shiner ride is three weeks away...and is 95 miles. *eep* Ooh, you know what I just thought of?? I could do the 48m route, see how I feel and if good do the 13 mile route! Waahlaa! That would also mean that I could store food in my car as well as extra water...better and better! That's what I'll do. Settled. time to close it up for the day and spend some QT with the pups. Peace out kids, I'll check in tomorrow.


Marta said...

Dude. Really? How about amateur athlete? I rode my bike today! 6 miles! I'm sore! You? Oh, 48? NICE! You are my hero, so just get used to it. :)

Sushi!!! I'm done with these classes on May 5th. How's about we meet up one day after that?

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

48 are my hero!