Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Swimming

One, Two, Three, Four....*gasp* and One, Two Three, Four...*gasp* and repeat. Yes, holy swimming and there was no praying involved. This was me, in my head counting my strokes and trying to re-learn how to breathe in the pool. I finally overcame my anxiety about getting back in the pool after a 6 (or maybe 9) week break.

Not coming from a swimming background (just really learned how to efficiently swim last July/August) I need to constantly remind myself that consistency is key to this part of my training. (Yes, I know that consistency is a key part to ALL of my training, but swimming most of all!) I managed to squeeze in 45-50 min in the pool. Well, realistically 45 since I probably stopped for 5 minutes throughout trying to stall...and catch my breath. *side note: This was the maiden voyage of my new suit, and it was a success! No "that girl" moment! Yippee!

After that little workout I went to see Trainer at the gym and did a 45 min strength session that KILLED my legs. The rest of my day off was spent doing nothing until it was time to do the monthly waxing maintenance. I swear, it's like one morning I wake up and I look fine, no stray hairs and then next morning I have a full 'stache and my eyebrows look like I just came from clown camp!! I know, I's a part of life and being half Mexican doesn't help matters. But now I'm a girl again and I can go out in public and not talk with my hand in front of my mouth.

It is 10am on Saturday and I should be out on my bike right now, however my body is tired and I'm dragging. The team ride left at 8 or something like that. A lot of them are doing 100 miles. Can you imagine??? Right now I have my laptop in bed and I'm watching re-runs of Top Chef Masters. I will eventually go out, probably around 11 or 12, for 40 miles on my favorite route, which means two killer hills back to back on the way back home. Probably with a head wind as well, why not right? Crap, and I JUST remembered that I have to change my tire to my road tire, my rim has my trainer tire on it...bummer. Looks like 12 after all with a good dose of vitamin D! Have a great day everyone!


Marta said...

I love that suit! It's a freaking steal for $25! Your idea of chubs is my idea of done, btw.

That waxing maintenance story is so true. It does happen overnight! I got the Frida Kahlo thing going on my own self since I'm full Mex.

Have a great ride, and congrats on the swimming-phobia-conquering. You rock!

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

Hey Beck...hope that ride was good!! 40 miles...Can NOT imagine! You are suck a rockstar!