Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yawn...another week gone

Do you ever notice how the days drag but the weeks are flying by? Today, for example, the morning was a bit crazy becuase I'm on my own this week (YIPPEE!), but the afternoon is dragging minute by minute. But I'll blink and it will be Sunday night all over again! I just deleted my post...boring.

It said that I had a really hard and windy ride on Saturday, only did 50 miles, beautiful...but I really hate the wind. I don't care that it's supposed to make you stronger, it just makes me angry. :) Also that Trainer and I went out for crappy bar food (it really was crappy and I should have cooked) and a few beers on Saturday night before I passed out from exhaustion from the ride. Sunday was a chill day where I cooked breakfast and then spent the day with two of my favorite people in the world - Yoga Zen Babe and Little Zen. It used to be Baby Zen but he's 2 1/2 now! Too cute and he loves me. We shopped all day after some great tea and then I punked out on my long run.

Which meant....I had to run at lunch yesterday. Not a travesty. I love running in the afternoon, well, with the exception of the additional shower. After work I did an easy 46 min ride down the wind tunnel that we call Parmer Rd. and came home and made Salmon. Well...actually it was Steelhead Trout, that looked like salmon at the store and I just pointed...and that's what I cooked. I seasoned it with coriander and salt and it was delish. It was an early night and that is the trend in our house these days. We get ready for bed by 8:30p and are usually IN bed by 9. Now, most nights I have issues actually falling asleep, that will change when my training hours start to get longer.

I'm looking for new blog topics. I'm open to suggestions. Here are some that I'm tossing around:

Learning to Love...exercise ('cause I'm not there)
Personal Question that bug me
Everything is meant to happen for a reason...yes, even the bad stuff
Why, in my 30s, do I have both wrinkles AND acne??
Motivation...where does it come from?

So, those are the things that are tossing about in my head. Care to add some? Help me stir the creative juices? Please? :)

I'm off to help move furniture, cook dinner and possibly get in a run this evening. Here's a picture from my Saturday ride. My bike is the blue/purple one.


T said...

holy CRAP - if someone could solve the wrinkles/zits question for me I'd love it... my husband always teases me about going through my second puberty (oh pLeAsE no...) but all I see are the wrinkles proving him wrong...

justjuliebean said...

It's surprising to me that you don't love exercise, seeing as how you do so much of it. What about all those endorphins, etc.? I'm hooked on the stuff. I've always had lots of blackheads, most are now gone and don't come back. Since I never remember to drink enough water, I'm going to pin it on the huge amount of citrus I eat, though it's likely totally unrelated.

That island picture, where is that? Not Austin? My ex-housemate just moved there, poor guy got all his stuff ripped off from U-Haul parked in SF before leaving. Gives new meaning to "fresh start"

Marta said...

That fish sounds DELICIOUS. I want to know more about why the bad stuff happens for a reason. I need to understand that, so help me there.

OMG will you look at those Bluebonnets! I love this time of year!