Wednesday, April 7, 2010

THAT time of the month

Oh no, this is NOT a girlie post...well, it is because I'm a girl, but has nothing to do with my cycle. It was the time of the month to get weighed and measured by my trainer, who happens to be Trainer. I sometimes wish that my husband didn't know how much I weigh...and I wish I wasn't aware that we are always only 3-5 pounds away from each other. Let's not forget that he is 5'10-1/2" and I'm 5'6". Disheartening. Anyway, yesterday I was bloated (I always say and feel that on the day that I know I'm getting measured...I'm SURE it's in my head) but I let him pinch me with those silly calipers anyway.

I can't believe I'm going to put this out there, but when I started we didn't do a baseline, so what I have is starting in February, about a month into training if I remember correctly.
Feb - 31% Body fat
Mar - 30.5%
April - 30%
My inches have gone down body wise and my weight has stayed pretty much the same, only fluxing up and down by 2 pounds. Which I guess is a positive thing since I'm eating more?? Maybe? I've just bumped up my cardio (yay for swimming) so maybe by the end of this training I can be in the mid 20%? Hell, I'd be happy with 25% at this point. :)

Anywho, in other news...I told you I was perusing the web for new blogs and I've found some!!! I follow Sprinter's blog which is fab-u-lous. Fun, entertaining and real. Although sometimes I have to read it mid-morning b/c she's super chipper in the morning and we know that I'm SO not there. But I love it. Then this one caught my eye (I shop blogs by the title...sorry, it's just what I do) because I loved, loved, loved the book Eat, Pray, check out this one Eat Move Love. I found her on Sprinter's blog as well as this one The Empty Nut Jar, which I love because of the name and the fact that one of the first blogs I read stated that she eats way too much nut butter...HELLO sister! I love me some peanut butter, almond butter...etc. I guess I could have linked the names instead of 'one' right? Oh well....laziness set in and I'm not changing it. I deem all of these the 'blog-diggity'! I'm really hoping that I've made up a new word. How cool would that be?

Shout out to Sexy Hippy who is currently my hero. I sent her a card that I meant to mail off more than 2 years ago. Love you girl!

Shout out to all my T3ers that are 1/2 way through their IronMan training, crazy-ass people. LOVE them though, truly.

And really I have nothing else to say. Right now I'm just postponing work that I'm dreading. It's not even hard work...just boring. Track practice on the agenda for tonight. (I got to sleep IN this morning!!!) Tomorrow am swim, just in time for the cold front to move figures right?

Fine, fine, fine...going to start/finish work now. I'll chat at you later gators!!


Marta said...

Wow, it just hit me like a frying pan! You are a bona fide athlete! Bona fide. :)

Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly said...

Hehe...I'm The Sprinter! I LOVE IT! Also...think about the positive...your bf% is going in the RIGHT direction!!