Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy FRIDAY!!

It's Friday!! WOO-FLIPPIN-HOO!

*Officemate is out for the day so I have the office to myself.
*I already completed my 3 mile 'keep the muscles loose' jog around the 'hood.
*I have a wax/facial appointment at 2pm today so I'll be a girl once more!

Yesterday I had a great swim practice. I put Nuun in my water bottle instead of straight H2O and I think it made a difference. Or maybe my attitude made a difference? Hmmm...anyway the swim workout was building by 100s. The first set was 100 swim/drill, second set 200 swim/kick, third set 300 swim/build etc. It went up to 500 and then back down. I had to leave after an hour so I missed 500, but I did do the last set, a 100m as fast as you can go. I have it down in the books as 2:15. For me this is good. I was swimming consistent 2:20s last year, so I think I can bring the 2:15 down even more!!

Tomorrow is the much anticipated 100 mile ride to Shiner, TX! So far the weather is going to be cloudy in the am with little wind. YES! I realize that the wind will pick up and the sun will be a blazin' but the start will be good. If we can ride 30-45 miles like that I'd be stoked.

Well, time to shower up and hit the road. Thanks for all the suggestions, I do favor the all out tantrum. :)

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Marta said...

Whoot! I hope it's not boiling hot tomorrow. Shiner is so much fun! I can't believe how much you can ride! You are my hero!