Monday, September 22, 2008


First of all...Thank you to all of my bloggy readers and friends who responded to my crybaby post from Saturday. I'm okay, really. If you think back to grade school and all of your friends were in a circle and laughing and playing and you were stuck inside making up work because you were sick and you weren't a part of it...remember that feeling? THAT is how I was feeling. But I'm not any longer. No more green monster of envy hanging out at my house. Just me, Trainer, Fifi and Fido.

Superman is back at work. THANK GODDESS! And though things are still tense at work (we'll have a series of layoffs in a couple of weeks) they're getting back to "normal". And by "normal" I mean totally dysfunctional. It's worse than my family.

In two days I'll be flying off to Oregon for a little vacation. I love, love, love it there! We bought tickets a while ago for the Oregon State vs. USC football game. And yes, I know that the Beavs are going to get killed, but it will still be fun to go. Trainer and I are PAC-10 peeps, I went to Arizona State (yes Slick, you are allowed to say we suck, but ONLY you. Anyone else, and I'll kick your ass!) and Trainer went to OSU (as you could probably guess because why else would we go to Corvallis, OR?). We fly in on Wednesday evening, go to Corvallis on Thursday and stay the night, then drive to the coast and spend the night in Newport, OR and then drive back to Portland for the remainder of the trip.

We'll be staying with the MIL so that ought to make for some good writing when I return. I'm super stoked to go to the coast. The Oregon coast is just breathtaking. The crashing of the waves, the cold mist, the Pacific Ocean that is so cold that it takes only 10 seconds to lose feeling in your feet if you dare to dip them in...ahhh, love it. When I lived there back in the late 90s I used to drive to the coast every weekend. In jeans and a sweatshirt I would lean against and old tree that had fallen on to the tiny beach. Some times I would write, some times I would read and some times I just closed my eyes and listened to everything around me, meditating and releasing all the pent up emotions that I tend to carry around.

The other thing I'm super excited about is the beer. See, I've been trying to lose 5 pounds before my trip so I could gain 5 pounds in beer on vacation. :) How's THAT for logic? They have some of the best microbrewed beer I have ever tasted in the Pacific Northwest. Some beers are only sold in Portland. So, while we're there we're hitting a McMenamins for the Ruby beer...we'll be taking a tour of the Rouge brewery in Newport, I'm sure we'll hit some cool little places in Portland...ahhh...I can't wait! And to top it off...I don't have to cook for 7 days straight...heaven.

Update on the car that I hit in the parking lot...the owner went to a shop and got an estimate of $1,150!!! WTF? And he'll need a rental for four days. Yeah,'s my claim handlers number, have at it.


The Sports Mama said...

First, I totally see the logic in your beer pound argument. :)

Second... I go through that playground thing all the stinkin' time.

Do you have any idea how badly Jock would love to see that USC game? Have I mentioned that's where he wants to go? (Although, I might have him strongly considering CU as a second choice... which is good because with grandma there we can claim resident status for tuition!! WooHoo!)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Ugh! Don't you hate it when someone takes advantage of your honesty?! Yeah, let 'em deal with your claims guy - that should be fun for him. :)

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Oregon. It sounds absolutely heavenly. Have a wonderful trip! You deserve it!

totegirl said...

Ugh, lame on the parked car! I call BS!

When you are in Oregan, look for a beer called Manny's. I had it in Seattle, and it's the BEST BEER EVER! Yum!

But I'm sure you'll be posting before you leave, no? If not, have too much fun!

YZB said...

Did you know that Portland is the herion-addict capital of the US?

YZB said...

I mean capitol.

fattygetsfit said...

I'd love to see Oregon some day. And drink beer for 7 days straight. You're a lucky woman.