Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nine years ago...

Nine years is the day. Nine years ago I woke up in a hotel room in Mexico (after being sick for two days from some bad crab) and got ready for the most important day in my life up to that point. I was getting married.

Trainer spent most of the day at the pool, with his sunglasses on, with no sunscreen. My husband is of Irish the math. I spent the day ironing my dress and getting my nails done. It wasn't a fancy shmancy wedding since we were paying for it ourselves. We had about 25 people there, mostly family and a couple of awesome friends who made the trip with us (Yay Legs!!).

As I said, I had been laid up for two days with some pretty serious food poisoning, I was generous enough to share my crab (read crab...not crabs) with Legs' boyfriend (now husband) and he was sick too. The "good" thing about that is that I lost some weight right before the wedding! The bad news is that my dress was a little baggy, but whatever. Lucky for me I had a tan so you couldn't see how green I was. It was HOT in Mexico, we got married in Cabo, which is like Arizona with the ocean right there to add a little humidity. Awesome. However, we couldn't have asked for a better backdrop for the nuptials.

The ceremony was in Spanish, which was perfect for my grandparents, not so great for everyone else. We did have an interpreter, but really, you couldn't hear anything over the crash of the waves anyway. Our marriage license is in Spanish so I really don't know if I'm really legally married or not. :) HAHA, right. We are. Married that is.

After the ceremony we toasted with margs (when in Rome)...and everyone got drunk...except for Trainer and me. Being so broke at that point in our lives we didn't pay for anyone's dinner, which everyone was okay with. They actually paid for OUR dinner! And what did Trainer and I have for our wedding dinner??? Pizza. Yep, went to a nice Italian restaurant and ordered pizza. The seafood (fresh) plate was the special, but just the smell of it made me sick. You can't beat bread, sauce and cheese anyway...why try?

It was a beautiful night. After we went back to the hotel we went down to the ocean and sat on a wall, listening to the waves. We didn't have to say anything. We were just soaking it all in. We didn't even consummate the wedding that night! I know, you're all shocked.

Nine years later...
  • We're not having sex tonight
  • I'm still trying to lose those 10 pounds
  • We're still broke
  • And we're having pizza for dinner


totegirl said...

Shit. You've rendered me speechless.

the saint said...

Happy Anniversary, Gorgeous. :-)

The Sports Mama said...

Happy Anniversary, baby! :)

And if it makes you feel any better.... I'm not having sex tonight, either. :)

(And in a strange coincidence... we didn't on our wedding night, either. Weird.)

yzb said...

Happy Anniversary!

Get this - we had pizza for our rehearsal dinner, we got married by the beach, no one heard our vows (not because of waves but because of wind), Mr YZB (who is also of Irish descent) did not wear sunscreen that day and was totally shiny and burnt in all the pictures, and like you and Sports Mama we didn't do it on our wedding night either.

You and I are practically the same person. And since I'm totally twins with my new BFF Marion Jones, that means you are totally twins and BFF with Marion Jones too!


Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

This post is hilarious! Now go have some sex, will ya?!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Oooh, talk about spooky. YZB and I posted at the exact same minute!

fattygetsfit said...

what a great story!