Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I love pizza.

I could probably eat it four times a week and not get tired of it. Of course I don't because I would gain an astronomical amount of weight and I don't have enough time in the day to work all of it off. Eventually I want to write a 'coffee table' book about pizza and then my follow up book would be about coffee. However, until I'm wealthy and as long as my legs are shackled to this corporate desk, I'll just write about other crap.

Monday Trainer and I went to Rounder's Pizza in downtown Austin. It's a small place, large New York style slices. It's one of my favorite pizza joints out here. The pizzas come in 14" and 18" and since it's just the two of us we get the 14". They slice it into 6 slices, pretty good size slices, and I usually only eat one. (I'm trying this new concept - stop stuffing my face after I'm comfortable, not full...I know...crazy right?) Trainer easily puts down two pieces and could probably do three, but he stops. Now, do the math. We had three pieces at the restaurant which means that we have three pieces to take home! Yeah for leftover pizza for lunch the next day!

Tuesday after a long weekend is never a fun day. And it always seems that the short weeks are really rather long. I went home for lunch, I had it all planned out. A nice big salad with my pepperoni, spinach and red onion pizza. I was salivating just thinking about it. I got home and greeted the pups who always come to the door, their sleepy eyes and tilted ears tell me that I woke them up from their 18 hour nap. (I seriously want to come back as one of MY dogs in my next life.) I went into the kitchen and put down my things, got the plate out, opened the fridge and what did I find?? Yep, you guessed it...NOT THE PIZZA! Mr. Piggy Trainer (jackass) ate my pizza. That means that he ate 5 of the 6 pieces of pizza, that is 11.65" of pie.

I had leftovers from Monday night's dinner. Whole wheat pasta with garlic, broccoli and chicken. Boring. Healthy. Not pizza.

Trainer arrived home as I was eating. I had texted him and asked if he had eaten the pizza, to which he didn't respond. This is what he said when he stepped through the door, "Well, it was in there for a long time! I didn't think you were going to eat it!" Okay...1. It was in there LESS than 24 hours. 2. I didn't think he would eat "lunch" at 10am since he had a client at 11!!! Seriously? It took me back to when my brother used to eat my leftovers before I even got up the next morning. Oh, and to top it off he says, "I'm just trying to help you!" He's joking of course, but it's still not funny.


Next time he'd better keep his hands OFF my pizza, or there's gonna be trouble.


The Sports Mama said...

Ok... so I giggled at the "11.65th" of the pizza. :)

And, um.... "helping you"????? WTH?!?!

I hope Fido piddles on his shoe the next time he takes him for a walk.

Slick said...

Hate to say it...

But I can't blame him.

Leave pizza in my vicinity for LESS than 24 hours, I'm eating it too!!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Mr. Sexy Hippy and I have strict leftover rules. We always check with the other person before devouring the goods. Back when we had a roommate, it was war ON when my leftovers were eaten without permission. I'm not so peace-lovin' when it comes to my food (so it actually stung me a bit when I read Piggy Trainer had eaten your pizza).