Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This was the topic of my co-dependency "Thought of the Day" today. How appropriate. Yes, I am a co-dependent person. I need to be needed. I'm working on it.

Tolerance for my own feelings, that I can do...what I'm having trouble with today is tolerating my mad scientist EFFING CFO that we call Plain. He's such a effing schumck. So, late last night...as I was leaving work at 8pm (yes, I was actually working until 8) I stopped to talk to Superman. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't on the list of the people to get laid off. Well...guess what folks? I AM on the list. Well, I was on the list of the President (that we call Peanut) until Superman told him what I did. You know what is totally EFFED up about this? My old boss, the effing CFO, couldn't even tell the President what I did for the company. WHAT A FUCKING DICKHEAD. He totally didn't have my back. I only write all the major reports that get filed with the SEC.

I'm trying to have tolerance for a man who obviously is an idiot. After I had my meeting with him this morning, where he asked me what I did...and questioned whether or not I even liked working for the company...and made stupid comments about my vacation time, he told me to enjoy my vacation. And here's the kicker - I leave tomorrow and we fly back on the 30th. Layoffs will happen on October 1st. Yep, on my first day back to work after my "oh so relaxing vacation that I won't be thinking about the possibility of getting laid off for the first time in my life" I'll either be carrying a severance check home OR I will be moving departments. Which is good because I don't think I can work for Plain any longer.

Please, all of you...do me a favor...click play on my playlist, first song, yep, turn it up...and all together now... "Why you being dickhead for...."

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Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

tolerance is a hard one. I have a difficult time with that one and patience (which are related to each other, methinks). Anyway, you are right to feel pissed off about your job situation. My boss meets with me once a week and asks me "what I'm doing". I have to then give a laundry list of a million little things that add up to one hell of a long-ass day all while thinking to myself, "if I didn't have to sit here and tell you what I'm doing, I could be actually DOING THEM!!!" Stupid. People. Suck!

Have a happy trip and don't worry about your job. You are a kick-ass worker and if you aren't meant to be there, you are meant somewhere even better!