Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I HATE the chocolate bowl...

My fight...every day...is with the effing chocolate bowl that resides in the cube next door. I know that hate is a strong word. But I hate that I have to use my will power every.single.day to not walk over and grab a handful and scarf it down so I can get rid of the evidence. This week is particularly tough. Superman has left on his 15 day vacation (bastard, although he deserves it) and as I said before, I have to do some of his job duties. Where does that put me people?? Think about it.

I puts me IN the chocolate bowl cube.

Every time I go over there it stares at me. I swear it does. AND part of my "job duties" are keeping it stocked. Superman tries to keep everyone happy so there is a lot of good shit in there. Reese's, and not just the miniatures, M&M's - both peanut and plain, snickers, milky way, milk chocolate, dark chocolate...if you're craving it...it's most likely there. They have a bet going here at work that I will consume the majority of the chocolate while Superman is gone. A**holes.

Yesterday I brought my lunch and ate right at 11am, I was starving for some reason. Then a little later I texted Trainer to see if he wanted to meet up for a latte, he said fine, but not until 2:30. I even tried popping some 94% fat free popcorn to stave off the chocolate cravings. Just knowing that I could get up, go around the entrance and eat the Hershey's cookies and creme until I was sick was driving me insane! WHY does it have this power?? (I know the answer people, I'm trying to be dramatic)

I caved, I had two pieces of the cookies and creme miniatures.

Today...a new day...a new fight...



Carol said...

Well, you are better than me. Have you ever had Hershey's hot cocoa kisses? I have. In fact, I had a handful of them already today and it isn't even noon yet.

And let's not discuss the Butterfinger.

Damn my boss and his candy drawer. It's the middle one on the left hand side in case you ever stop in my office.

The Sports Mama said...

Eh.. I'd just lick a few pieces and put 'em back for all the wienies who are betting I'd cave.

But that's just me, and we've already well established how evil I can be.

Slick said...

Hey girl,

Get me a piece when you get yours, ok?


fattygetsfit said...

you managed to only have two!?!
kudos to you! i would have unhinged my jar and ate all the candy like Ms. PacMan...wrappers and all

the saint said...

I ate a piece of Butterfinger, a Laffy Taffy, a Hershey's nugget, plus a Tootsie Roll today out of the various candy bowls in my office.

Candy is an evil temptress, isn't she?

YZB said...

Like Teri Hatcher told her daughter "Have good sex and eat the chocolate"

Her daughter is only 10 so that's kind of creepy but regardless, it is still great advice.

MizFit said...

Ive fallen hard for the new reeces bars (seen em? they are big like the fancy pants chocolate? they.awesome.)

and I work from home so Ive no cubemate/office peeps to blame.


Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Reading this made me laugh. I am the keeper of the candy dish in my office - sorry bitches! I'm smart about it though, I stock my jar with candy I don't like (e.g. taffy, anything gummy, marshmellowy stuff). I don't do it because I'm evil. I do it because I'm social and I like to have people make a pit stop by my desk. Never thought about the fact that my candy dish is a temptress. Kind of fitting, now that I think about it!

Will not stock chocolate in honor of you, R.A. (or my thighs, for that matter).