Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freaky Friday turned into Slutty Saturday

Ugh, I hate being late...on anything...and my blogging is no exception. So instead of Freaky Friday this week we'll call it Slutty Saturday!

I had to draw some inspiration from Sports Mama this week. Not that she's slutty, she just gave me some topic ideas. So this week I'm going to talk about Fantasies! I was never big into fantasies because I had everything that I wanted.... *pause* ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah...right.

Apparently my biggest fantasy is being slutty, completely out there wanton sex goddess slutty. I suppose that's where the lingerie comes into play. Of course in the bedroom I've made the fantasy become reality. (I swear if you just met me and had never read my blog you'd think I was nice, sweet and easy to talk to...the end.)

Maybe I've read too many romance novels, and by romance I mean the ones that go into great detail during the sex scenes. One of my favorite authors that writes this kind of romance...Susan Johnson. I think that was the first time that I saw the word "dildo" in print, in a story. After that chapter Trainer got lucky. He didn't know what had happened, but he wasn't complaining. And then there are other authors that are kind of out there, but still have those incredible sex scenes, my favorite is Laurell K. Hamilton. She writes vampire novels and also a fairy series...highly recommend it. Anyway, my reading habits are probably another blog...

Back to the bedroom. What is it about fantasies that make sex enjoyable?

I only fantasize about 10% of the time, I really do prefer to be in the moment. I've never imagined that Trainer is someone else, however I have imagined, or fantasized about someone else being in the bedroom WITH us. And it's usually a woman, sometimes a man. Yes, a threesome. How typical is that? I don't want my fantasy to become a reality, too insecure and really I don't want to share my husband with anyone. But it IS fun to imagine while in the moment for that 10% of the time. AND in my fantasies I'm getting all the attention, whether it's a man or woman.

Jeez, this blog makes me sound so generic. Maybe I should have just skipped it...oh well. I promised myself that whatever came out of my head and ended up being typed had to be posted. Good, bad or indifferent.

So, there it fantasy. To be a wanton sex goddess in the bedroom and at times be joined by another person. Now...what is your fantasy? Does it make sex better? Does it detract from it? All comments are welcome. (Well, except for the weird ones...Allan...)


YZB said...

I've tried all the fancy-schmancy stuff, I've tried the wild, I've tried the kink, I've tried the role plays and whatnot. But when it all boils down, the one thing that really gets me going is plain ol' hot nekkid doin' it.

So that's what I fantasize about - plain ol' hot nekkid doin' it. I know, not very exciting-sounding, but hey, if it works it works, right?

The Sports Mama said...

Um... thanks for clarifying that I'm not slutty. :)

And since some of my regular readers have happened over here, I'm not sure if I should admit to anything... fantasy or factual....since it could totally ruin that good little mommy blogger image I've got going on over at my place! ;)

That being said... I do believe you know my worst. Or would that be my best? Hmmm.....