Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 14

My earliest memory

Have I talked about this before?? Hmmm...maybe. My earliest memory is at age 4, going over to Hoe's house to see if they had any little girls my age in residence. I'm sure I didn't say, "Do you have any girls that are 4yrs old in residence" more likely "Do you have any little girls to play with?" And they did. My mom must have been with me...but I don't remember her as a part of the equation. I do remember Hoe's mom, and her sister...and of course her. She had her golden brown lock (similar to mine) pinned back in barrettes. I can't remember what she was wearing, maybe a dress...but that part of the memory is not clear.

Funny thing about these random memories. There are chunks of my life that I cannot remember at all! But I'll remember the name of a friend of a friend that he/she mentioned in a story...once. My memory is so bizarre. I forget little things all of the time, which kind of scares me, I'm sure it's normal, but lately it's been happening more. Eeek!

After that first memory I remember my kindergarten year, I was burned with a cigarette by this kid named Carlos. I was wearing my Cookie Monster cardigan. We were both just 5 years old and how he got a ciggy I'll never know, but he burned me and put a hole in my sweater...loved that sweater.

I remember dressing up for Easter with Hoe in our matching pink checkered dresses and white patent leather shoes. (We had a lot of matching outfits...) I remember parts of Girl Scout camp. Ooh, I remember in 4th mom loved my teacher (she was awesome...Ms. Spitzer) and made her a fresh strawberry pie. The teacher cut me a slice and I was allowed to sit out in the hall and have a piece! I remember almost everything my mom baked for my birthdays in Elementary School.

I don't remember much about Jr High or High School. Crazy huh? And there are big chunks of college that I don't remember as well. And no...I didn't do drugs and really didn't drink. No idea why these memories are repressed.

Anywho...those are some of my earliest memories. :) This below is not my earliest (obviously) but one of my favorites.


Kelly said...

Love it! I love remembering old times. My mom recently got all our homevideos switched over to DVD's and we had a ball watching them all. :)

TisforTonya said...

the more I reconnect with old High School friends the more I realize I've shoved those memories down DEEP somewhere... ahhh... probably best that way :)

Shanna May said...

Ummm, did you fall off the 30-day blogging wagon? Get back on that horse, lady!!

The Sports Mama said...

The thing I've discovered about high school memories is that they CAN be remembered, it just takes something to make 'em come slamming back...

You know, like oatmeal cookies and orange juice. ;)