Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 20

Holy Crap! Can you believe I've done 20 of these so far? Me either. And yes, I'm behind. :)

How important I believe education is

Extremely important. Not just for the knowledge, but the social skills and interaction with adults that aren't your parents. You learn how to adapt in different situations, you learn tolerance, you learn so many thing aside from the books. And yes, books (or information) are important to. :)

So many kids today go to school, yet are uneducated. Seriously, get on FB to see how many youngsters misspell or use words incorrectly. DRIVES ME CRAZY! I'm so glad that I went to school at a time where teachers weren't forced to teach to a test. That is what is happening today. Back in my day....a LONG time ago...teachers were unique, you wanted to be in their class! Now most of the creativity has been driven away. I'm not saying that the teachers today are sub-par, I just believe that they don't have the same opportunity or freedoms that my teachers did. Sad.

College. Is it important? Yes and no. I went to school for music education, I have a degree in K-12, however I have never stepped into a classroom after I finished college. I waited tables (talk about a life lesson!!!) and then went into accounting, and I love it. I think my degree opened the door for me, it shows employers that you can finish something. But I know many people who do not have a college education and are intelligent driven people and are very successful. Toss up. And today's world is based on 'who you know' rather than 'what you know.'

Okay...on to the next day. :)
In training news last week was awesome. I completed 5 workouts and they were assigned. This week is not going AS well, but I'm still plugging away. days:

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