Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 16

Sorry, sorry... (SHANNA)...I fell off the wagon temporarily. There are days I actually do have to work where it takes the entire day. :) I know... sacrilegious!

My view on mainstream music

LOVE IT! Okay, really I don't love all of it. But sadly...for being a music major...I don't have a strong opinion either way. I love all kinds of music. Not a big fan of R&B, heavy rap or thrash metal. Everything else from classical to funk to heavy metal is great in my book. Living in Austin you'd think that I'd be a bit of a snob, but really...not so much. My FAV kind of music is an original 'sound' if that makes sense. I love Pink, no one sounds just like her. Sheryl Crow, James Hetfield, Macy Gray...these are people that aren't cookie cutter. Never been a big bubble gum pop fan....Britney, Christina, Miley etc.

Eh, to each his/her own. Oh, and I love mainstream big box office movies too. Yep. Sure do.
This past Saturday I did the Shiner Ride. It's a 100 (97 actually, but we round up) mile ride from Austin, TX to Shiner, TX...right to the Shiner brewery. Score! Last year was awesome and this year was good, but not as successful for several reasons. It was hot and effing windy. Very, Very windy. The last 10 miles were the worst, but I did have some great spots on the ride. All of this swimming...or finning as I prefer to call helping me with hills! Well, that's my theory anyway! I rode with D-Bomb and it was her first time doing a century ride. These are not for the faint of heart. You have to have a strong resolve and a high tolerance for pain b/c your Whoo-haaa will feel like it's being caught on fire...over and over and over again.

Then yesterday I finned my way around the Quarry with my Ironfriends. I'm just a Sherpa (pack mule that does whatever you need on race day), but I'm an Iron Sherpa! All I do it put on my fins and grab my kick board and swim in front of my friends. They sight off of my feet and board, well, I turn around and put up my bright yellow board when they start going off track! Major leg work this weekend. But I'm getting my training mojo back. Very excited about that.

Hope everyone had a fab Mother's day!! Here's a geek'd out pic of me and D from the ride:


Kelly said...

100 miles...I would die! You are my hero!!!

Shanna May said...

The physical feats you pull off during your "free time" is astounding!! I'm so impressed!!