Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogging Project - Day 17

My Highs and Lows this past Year

Ugh, I knew I couldn't go too long without a heavy one! This year, from May 2010 to May 2011 wasn't the hardest year of my life, but man...it was a roller coaster.

Starting on a high note I met D-Bomb at the Rookie Tri last year, we were volunteering. She was really nice, by herself and no one was talking to her...except me...cause you all know that I love to talk...to anyone. We hit it off and have really been friends ever since! Then I did my first tri of the Texas Tri Series, Skees Greets. I trained hard last year, through the summer and met a great group of girls that I believe will be life long friends.

Ummm, got an ulcer from stress, both physical and mental (work!!), but other than that was very healthy last year. My in-laws came in and we reconciled after a long 7 years. And of course Trainer and I continued to grow in our relationship.

Now for the tough stuff... I met my goal of completing a half IronMan on October 17th. Ooh and just before that I was a part of a home birth with YZB and that was amazing...right before my big day! I finished my race in 6hr 55 min. I was sick as a dog from dehydration, but it was amazing. I think right after the race I said, "I'll never do that again!!" (However I'm starting to train for my next one.) I took the next 2-3 weeks off and started with a new coach. THEN Trainer and I went on our much deserved vacation to Florida for Thanksgiving.

That started the downward spiral that I'm just now coming out of... My beloved Gunthar died while we were gone. And for some reason I just could not cope. I tried. Exercise didn't work. Food didn't work. Alcohol didn't work. Talking about it only made it worse... *sigh*...it was a horrible couple of months. I stopped going out with people, stopped exercising, stopped participating in life for a bit. THEN I got help...from a medical professional. Like I said before, just asking for help took a load of pressure off of my heart.

Now I am back to being social, exercising...drinking (responsibly!) and of course talk, talk, talking! (That encompasses blogging IMO!) I teared up just a little writing that above paragraph, but before I would have been in a heap of tears. (Can you be in a heap of tears??)

Back on the upswing. We got a new puppy...Brody...the Brodster...Schmoopy...Pooh Bear...sweet little guy. I got a tiny, ensie-weensie raise, got offered another job on my qualifications, made good life decisions and whacked off another year of debt! So all in all it was a good year. The lows made me stronger. The highs made me appreciate everything that I have in my life.

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Kelly said...

Oh honey...I feel so bad because I honestly didn't know how much Gunther's death affected you. I mean I knew it was devestating but I didn't know the long term effects. I'm so sorry. I think it is amazing that you knew yourself enough to seek help. I started seeing a therapist as well and I love it. Dr. Tyson (remember him?) was really focused on saving my life (physically) and now I am seeing a woman that is helping me figure out why I went down that path. Now I am saving my life (mentally).

You are one of the strongest people I know. I admire you. More than I actually tell you. I think about you a lot and sometimes when I am really down on myself I use you as motivation. I tell myself things like, "What would Rebecca do?" "Or how would Rebecca turn this situation around?" It's true! I use you as mental motivation all the time. :)